If you are experiencing the heartbreak of a lost animal companion, here is how an animal communicator may help. It could be helpful to read my other blog post, An Explanation of Animal Communication, before reading the following. Above all, it may be helpful to think of any spiritual sensory function as a creative gift and skill, akin to a musician working from her talent and with her muse as well as depending upon developed technical skills.

An animal communicator would reach out to the lost animal and ask him/her to share his/her perspective. One way a communicator will do this is by asking permission to remote view, that is, to see what the animal is seeing through his/her eyes. With lost animals, this can be helpful.

I’ll be honest, sometimes the information gained from remote viewing can frustrate a paniked and grieving human because the animal shows the communicator literally what s/he sees. So, for example, if the animal sees grass, a brick wall and a red-headed lady inside a yellow house – while these are fairly specific details – they may be the description a place unfamiliar to the humans. Another example: the animal could describe the inside of a house, such as, “I’m inside. I’m under a glass table on brown carpet and I can see horizontal blinds. There is a man, a woman, a baby and a small dog. They gave me tuna for dinner.” Again, that is only helpful if the humans already know that family or, perhaps, choose to go knocking door-to-door.

An animal won’t communicate, “I went three blocks south east and then turned west at the corner of Main.” This information isn’t in her/his purview; they don’t use maps or street names like humans.

On the other hand, helpful information an animal could share or show is if s/he explains what happened. For example, if s/he was put in a carrier and driven to a shelter, this could described in a clear manner. Then, the humans may decide to check local shelters.

And then there is the potential of receiving information that may be challenging to hear. An animal could have had a reason that s/he left home intentionally. There could be an issue that caused him/her personal discomfort. Sadly, there is the possibility that the animal left because s/he was ill and wanted to pass away in private. These are tough potential realities.

I offer this information so that if you choose to hire an animal communicator to help you with your lost animal (and I do think it is a good idea), you can have appropriate expectations and make the best use of the service. If you are considering this, please feel free to contact me directly if you have more questions. If I do not feel I’m the right fit, I have colleagues I can recommend.

Blessings to you and your animal loved ones!

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