My Intuitive Mediumship Sessions Are Perfect For You If…

You are ready for a spiritual awakening or an up-level in consciousness.

You are ready for a major transformation in your life, in your habits, or in your physiological or emotional health.

You would like to uncover intuitive gifts and enhance life purpose and living intuitively. 

You would like to receive channeled messages about and energetic activation of your soul blueprint.

Intuitive Mediumship Sessions & One-on-One Empathic Channeling

My sessions utilize the spiritual skills of channeling, multidimensional mediumship, energy healing, and guided hypno-healing. 

I create a resonant container of healing in which we will have access to all of my tools, including what has been mentioned plus: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mind-Body Ascension Psychology,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and my proprietary modality, Quantum Resonance Healing™.

As a Master Multidimensional Medium™, I connect with your Higher Self, and Spirit guides in all dimensions, including passed loved ones, masters, nature spirits, archangels and cosmic interdimensionals.

As an Empathic Channel™, I allow frequencies of your higher self, and/or beings of light to flow into my energy to deliver messages, energy healing, and attunement. Healing may target core wounds from this life, past life karma, spiritual activation, and many other areas.

Your soul blueprint is an alive, holographic, eternally positioned field of energetic content. It will reveal such aspects as your soul contracts and predominant divine directives for this life, and your multidimesnional spirit guides. I connect with your soul blueprint and read the spiritual lineage that you bring into this journey.

In session, you may expect to receive an energy reading and healing, an archangelic guide reading, spiritual ability assessment, soul contract reviewal, past/parallel/future life review, spiritual counseling and education and insight on any intentions you currently have.

All sessions will include subconscious work to create an embodied shift in your being. My training in hypnotherapy is a significant asset to our work. Working with the subconscious mind is working on the very mechanics of your being. 

Please bring three to four (give or take) intentions to the session and they will be used as hook-ins for the energy flow. Sessions are fluid and responsive to the light your soul intends to release, so any combination of the above may occur. Most clients come away from a session with techniques and exercises to self-administer for further energy expansion.

My signature session, Empathic Channeling, runs 90 minutes. Most clients book about once per year as this is a full service, energy, and information packed session. You will have a recording of your session and it is recommended to review the session at least a couple of times between your (likely) annual sessions. Sessions are held over video call.

From time to time, I also offer other readings services in 60- and 30-minute options. Read more below and check if this currently available.

My signature spiritual therapy package impacts significant transformation. While one session is powerful, the spiritual therapeutic package effects an up-leveling of mind and body through deep spiritual work over a period of time. The ultimate goal is to align you with your ascension path.

Intuitive Mediumship Sessions Packages & Pricing


This is my signature one-on-one service. This 90-minute session utilizes my skills as a channel, reader, and healer to provide deep healing, clearing, activation, and attuning. This is the Empathic Channeleing and Hypno-Healing service in which I will reaad and channel from your soul and all of your spirit team. Clients tend to book this session once per year, re-visiting the recordings for months (and even years) after the session.

HMI College students and Graduates, please contact us for your special rate.


I have helped hundreds of people experience life transformations, career changes, and physiological and mental/emotional healings.

This is a path of significant transformation. This therapeutic work is based on my signature one-on-one, 90-minute session and includes deep subconscious work through hypnotherapy and energy healing.

Working therapeutically over a period of time, we will be able to drill down into deep issues to heal and attune your energy. Expect hypnotherapy, channeling, intuitive reading and healing, mind-body ascension psychology, and any/all of the tools at my disposal to help you transform.

The Spiritual Therapy Transformation Package secures a three-month (12 sessions) spot on my calendar, meeting weekly, for an investment of 44% less than single session! Spaces are limited.

Investment: $3000

Monthly payments are available. A full three-month commitment is required.


Intuitive Reading with Divination, 60 minutes or 30 minutes

This session type is based around you presenting specific intentions and/or questions for intuitive insight. This is not for “general messages” – you must present at least the areas of life or topics about which you would like Spirit to reveal answers and support. I may use divination tools, such as oracle cards, runes, or a pendulum to enhance the information that I pull through. First, I tap in to deliver messages in response to your question, then I use divination as an amplifier of the message.

The 60-minute session investment is $333. In this session we can cover between 2-4 intentions/questions, depending on their complexity.

The 30-minute session investment is $171. In this session we can cover 1-2 intentions.

These sessions are not specifically designed for mediumship, although it is possible that a passed loved one will come through.

With my signature Empathic Channeling service clients tend to book this once or twice per year because of the depth of this work. With Reading + Divination sessions, a client could make use of these with more frequency. However, this may be offered for a limited time due to my schedule fluctuation!


How to form questions and intentions:
The future is not predictable because you are creating your future in each now moment by your state of being and your actions. So, please construct your questions or intentions in alignment with how you can shift and empower yourself to move toward a manifestaion. Instead of starting a question with “When…”, start a question with “How…”, or “What do I need to know about…”


“When will I meet my life partner?”
“How may I align with my life partner?”

“When will my finances improve?”
“What do I need to know about improving my finances.

Tricia is the real deal.  I’ve worked with her for a year now, and I’m in such a better place today thanks to her loving, caring guidance that she brings. She joyously brings messages to me from my spirit guides and angels, and helps me feel at ease with whatever I am facing. I highly recommend her – her readings are spot on.

– Teri G.

I am still taking everything in. I spent an hour with Tricia yesterday. She was very spot on. This was my first experience so I guess I can say I am no longer a virgin. All I can say is thank you …. and I will be back!

– Melissa K.

She’s awesome. I connect with her more deeply than I have with anyone else.

– Sherin S.

Amazing! Tricia made me feel so comfortable and gave me clarity. It’s such a blessing to have worked with her; she is so gifted.

– Lindsay V.

Tricia is extremely professional & compassionate. My session with her eased my worries, as well as validating my thoughts and feelings. I feel much lighter since her reading!!!

– Linda P.

I’m sincerely grateful the universe has connected me to [Tricia].  I truly enjoyed our session last Friday and I knew it would be a wonderful way to spend the time on my birthday. I’ve already had my mine blown (in a good way) when listening to your podcasts and have felt me shift my thinking in many ways. And to have 1:1 time with you, further the shifts in thinking and validated things where I was waffling. Thank you for sharing your story and your gifts. It encourages me to do the same.

– Tara C.

I’m so glad that I booked a session with Tricia. She gave me so much insight into what I wanted to know about. I feel like I’ve energetically up-leveled after the session. She also recorded the session for me and sent me the recording. That’s awesome service that I didn’t even expect. I feel more clear about steps I can take and so much more optimistic about where I am going in my life. Tricia is also super cute.

– Cynthia U.

Thank you so much for connecting with me Tricia! Our session gave me so many things to reflect upon. I am so grateful that you were able to connect with my dad and his precious words he wanted to share with my siblings and me. It truly warmed my heart. You were also able to shine a light on things that are deep inside of me and need to come out in order to accept and live in my greatness. There was so much that we covered and you gave me some great tools to use. I can’t thank you enough. You are a beautiful soul and I feel blessed that we were able to spend some time connecting!

– Kayla U.

Working with Tricia was such a beautiful experience! I was unsure of what to expect as it was my first time receiving a professional reading. But boy was I blown away! Her sincerity and authenticity really touched my heart. She has a wealth of experience and wisdom to share with the world. The truths she revealed were so impactful for me and the life I am creating for myself. It was truly empowering and inspirational. I will never forget it. Thank you, Tricia!

– Kelsey Kinsey White

I am so thankful for Tricia’s presence and help with my healing evolution. A session with her is like super-charged, accelerated therapy. It is absolutely an invaluable investment in myself and I have never felt more connected, grounded, confident, and buzzing with energy all at the same time. The results don’t fade and the shifts that occur within session are absolutely real. It is such a gift to work with her. Do it!

– Brianna J.

Tricia is amazing! I am very grateful that I had the chance to talk to her, she is very loving and kind. She has amazing gifts that she uses in a beautiful way to help us grow and heal. Much love from Sweden.

– Martin S.

Tricia has an amazing ability to explain the most complex aspects of the universe & make it so easy to understand. I enjoyed my session with her immensely. She provided me with clear intuitive guidance & I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her. I highly recommend her services & classes.

– Sinead W.