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Modern Mystic Life is a coaching and mentoring portal providing monthly live events, weekly exclusive content, inspiration, and instruction to evolve your life as a Mystic and as a Human-Spiritual Being. It’s like having a spiritual mentor in your pocket!

Your guide, Tricia Carr, will be delivering the tools and technologies that are proven to evolve your abundant life, inside and out! You have access to living a life that blesses the self and the All!  

A spiritual life is one that is rich in miracles, intuition, healing, service, and love. Daily consciousness fitness and hygiene is as necessary as diet and physical movement. This is YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR PATH OF LIGHT!

Your consciousness (your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy) is omni-dimensional!

This journey is intended to be experienced on all planes and realms at once – that is true freedom!

Why subscribe?

Spiritual seekers need support today like no other time in history. Our conscious awareness is pulled and pushed at every turn.

“I turned my life around post-awakening by taking consistent, daily steps to becoming more ‘fit’ in my consciousness. Just like being physically strong and fit, our conscious energy needs habitual and ritual tending. I create this portal and sacred container to serve those who have a heart of service – those who are awake, sensitive, and compassionate. It is low cost and highly convenient to fit into the life you are creating.” – Tricia Carr

It is designed for you:

  • to tap into eternity and synchrony while living your modern life
  • to help you to make each footfall on your Path of Light meaningful
  • to keep you attuned to your birthright of abundance, miracles, freedom, joy, and love
  • to help you to heal core wounds and to expand spiritually
  • to give you a home base and an intentional, energetic space to co-create

    What can you expect as a subscriber?

    Modern Mystic groundedness means more than it used to. Because of the Information Age, we are bombarded with toxic and illusory energy. Grounding means detoxing from the static and distortion of all of this.

    Through this portal, you will be loved, and you will have the opportunity to love. After all, that is the truth of who you are.

    What kind of support?

    • Inspirational audio, video, and text of varying lengths
    • Spiritual education – exclusive and premium content
    • Meditations and consciousness expansion practices
    • Channeled messages and prophetic energy reports
    • Rituals for manifestation
    • A curated path of personal and spiritual development
    • Access to monthly live (on Zoom) classes, Q&A, group coaching/intuitive reading with Tricia (a $35 value each class)
    • Community and fellowship (meeting live)
    • Attunements to benevolent guides; archangels, nature spirits, interdimensional, masters, etc.
    • Notifications of new Charmed Life podcasts and videos
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    Ancestral Healing

    Sunday 6/30/24 @ 10am – 12pm PT

    Subject to be announced soon! Read More…

    Included in Mystic Life Subscription, or drop in for $35.

    Live Group Meditation

    Tuesday 6/18/24 @ 10am PT
    Tricia Carr, CCHt, leads a group meditation, live and channeled. Read more…

    Included in Mystic Life Subscription, $7 drop in for non-subscribers. Register to drop in…

    What does it mean to be a Modern Mystic?
    A.K.A. the MM Mission Statement

    Mystics are the most cutting-edge thinkers and livers of life. Mystics have always been light-years ahead of the status quo — quantum physics is starting to catch up to centuries-old mystical concepts. When the forward-thinking mystic is grounded, then she/he/they are also present to modern living.

    This is a pertinent time in human and planetary evolution. You incarnated to be a part of it all! Maybe you are a spiritual guide to those in your life, your family and friends, or in a professional capacity. What is certain is that your inner guidance caused you to awaken to the omni-dimensional reality of our Universe in THIS life.

    A modern mystic has a personal and sovereign practice of spirituality, and is free of fundamentalism and dogma, free of proselytizing and projection. The MM is rich with personal morals and ethics (how we conduct ourselves with society). The MM cultivates character building habits, utilizes spiritual technology for personal development and enrichment as well for the purpose of healing our world. The MM endeavors to raise consciousness through daily energy hygiene and energy fitness practices. This is done by resourcing metaphysical philosophy and mystical/esoteric arts, and by mastering beliefs, thought-forms, and other psychic mechanisms. The MM endeavors to live as a walking prayer, in a sacred state of Divine presence, surrender, and responsibility.

    Why? Because psychism is real. Spiritual technology is real. The only secret left about esotericism is that it is real and utilized by everyone whether they know it or not. And in fact, more people know about it than is widely discussed.

    “I am a Prophet for Gaia. I decree this with humility, and with the intention to allow what this means to flow through my vessel and my life. A prophet is a teacher, a channel, and yes, sometimes a discerner of unfolding events. I will make myself available in these ways and more.” – Tricia Carr


    Animal Communication

    Animal Communication is a comprehensive program that teaches step-by-step the spiritual skill of direct communication with animals and nature.

    Fairies + Nature Elementals Certification Course

    Manifest a new reality with Nature Spirits. Learn the technique of HEALING + MANIFESTING with Nature Guides. An experiential certification course by Tricia Carr, CCHt.

    Empowered Empath – NEW

    Turn your highly empathic nature into the superpower it is meant to be! Click below to read about the new class with special reduced registration and bonus healing sessions!

    Meditation – The Sacred Portal to the Soul

    The devotional practice of meditation serves as the cornerstone to a spiritually focused life. Expand your unique relationship with your inner being and the Universe.

    FREE Mini Course!

    Archangels + Universal Laws 7 Class Series

    Foster a stronger relationship with Archangels and experience a greater activation of Universal Laws.

    Animal + Nature Intuitive Connection, A Preparation

    A mini-course suitable for beginners interested in exploring communicating and energy healing with their own animal family members.

    FREE Mini Course!

    Tricia is Dumbledore, or a unicorn, or Yoda. She’s very magical.

    – Cynthia U.

    Tricia is a wonderfully talented, insightful, loving and professional intuitive coach and teacher. She is articulate and easy to speak with. I truly enjoy learning from her!

    – Monica L.

    Tricia has an amazing ability to explain the most complex aspects of the universe & make it so easy to understand. I enjoyed my session with her immensely. She provided me with clear intuitive guidance & I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her. I highly recommend her services & classes.

    – Sinead W.

    I just wanted to tell you that you have such a talent for explaining complex, esoteric concepts in a way that is understandable and relatable. As with the AA Michael class, there are so many “full circle” moments and continued unfoldings of the teachings, and I know there are more to come! I realized I was being tuned prior to the class after you mentioned the concept of “tuning”, and have since been noticing repeated ideas and concepts that were covered in the class….even just the next day! During the activations, I also felt strong energies I had never felt before.

    – Ana C.