It is highly likely that either you or someone close to you is an Empath.

Here’s why…

According to the Human Design System, humans have nine energy centers, with the solar plexus being one of them. These centers or energy circuitry hubs can be defined, undefined or open, depending on what energy gates are activated on the design (body) and personality (mind) levels.

The solar plexus is the center, also known as the “emotional center”, is responsible for creating emotions. It is a motor center, which means that when it’s creating emotions, it’s creating energy. As the awareness center, the solar plexus keeps tabs on what’s going on in and around you so you can adapt, survive, and thrive. The solar plexus manages both emotional and spiritual awareness.

The solar plexus is both a motor and awareness center that provides energy for taking action while giving us energy for self-awareness and conscious intelligence. People with a defined solar plexus are known as “emotionals” because they create their own emotional wave. They experience highs and lows or anything in between at any given time.
On the other hand, people with an undefined solar plexus pick up on and amplify others’ emotional waves. I am one of these people who have an undefined emotional solar plexus. We do not make our own emotional wave. We do deeply experience other people’s emotions, and thereby, amplify those emotions. Experiencing others’ emotional waves is overwhelming as they are always moving through us.
People with an undefined solar plexus center are often called Empaths. 

So, this means that it is highly likely that either you or someone close to you is an Empath.

Empaths’ Unique Challenges
While being an Empath is a gift, it comes with its own distinct set of challenges, particularly when it comes to personal and spiritual development.

One major part of the path of personal and spiritual development is accepting and embracing who you are. There is a specific challenge for an Empath in this area because Empaths are always experiencing others’ emotional energy as though it is actually and literally their own.

So, how can you feel who you are? How can you accept yourself if you can’t identify where you begin and end among all the other energies that you experience?

This can inhibit personal development, as in building a life of stability, love and belonging, satisfying pursuits and experiences, and actualizing your true self. Personal development is a necessary component of spiritual development, so your higher path is also challenged by the conundrum of how to accept yourself when you can’t feel YOU distinctly within you.

Tools for Empaths
Since Empaths are vulnerable to absorbing others’ emotions unconsciously, the key is to develop certain tools that will help them to recognize when they are feeling others’ emotions so that they can avoid identifying to them.

No matter what tools an Empath (or a person with an open solar plexus) has, they will always feel others’ emotions as though they are their own. Outside emotional energy is felt at least as strongly and in as much detail as their own emotions. 

And yet, an Empath can live freely and empowered within their sensitivity. Openness and vulnerability do not need to equal victimhood! In fact, sensitivity is a superpower in its natural and correct functioning!

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