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Have you thought about a career working as a Medium or Spirit Communicator?
With this course you can:

  • Create a new life-changing career
  • Add to your existing skillset as a healing entrepreneur
  • Learn the skills of Mediumship, Angel Communication, and Spirit Guide Messenger – with confidence in your healing abilities
  • Use your skills professionally, for your own spiritual development, or as love offering to others
  • Learn from a decade of experience in evidential Medium, Channel, and Spiritual Teacher, Tricia Carr

Level One Certification*

A Comprehensive training in Multidimensional Mediumship!

This is a dynamic training in Spirit Communication. You will gain knowledge and experience in providing the bridge between people and their passed loved ones, as well as other dimensions of Spirit! This includes Angels, Nature Spirits, Ascended Masters, and benevolent Star Beings.

You will acquire a masterful – and empowered – understanding of and attunement to the dimensions of Light – to the “unseen” realms that are available to everyone for support and enrichment.

By adding Sacred Sphere, you will be practicing your new skills in a loving and powerful group setting and under coaching to build your confidence and effectiveness. Scared Sphere is a bi-monthly communal learning, practice + resonance, purchased separately

More About Sacred Sphere

Sacred Sphere is the place for you to practice! Activate your abilities! See yourself shine!

Sacred Sphere is a container dedicated to supporting the graduates of Tricia Carr’s intuitive skills development programs, such as, Multidimensional Mediumship. To qualify to offer readings in Sacred Sphere, you must be enrolled in or graduated from one of our programs. The benefit of this pre-requisite is that we keep our space safe and ethical. Another benefit is that you will have new people to practice with who may be newer to intuitive arts, more like actual clients would be.

And you can start now on your development, no waiting for the registration time to roll around!

Sacred Sphere community meets live twice per month. Check here for the live dates, read more, subscribe, or drop in.

Here are some highlights of what you will learn in

The Foundation Course!

Tricia Carr has been refining the proprietary modality of Multidimensional Mediumship for a decade. This comprehensive certification* course will prepare you to provide guidance from the potency of the whole Universe. Immersing yourself in this training will connect you to your soul’s purpose as a guide and healer on our beautiful world! 

Module One: Open the Multidimensional Portal

You will be introduced to Multidimensional Mediumship™ and to developing Spirit communication, starting with departed loved ones. Unleash the infinite potential of your spirit and open the portals to a higher dimension. Your first step into the vast multidimensional Universe begins with Module One!

  • Mediumship vs. Intuitive/Psychic Readings: Gain a clear understanding of the essential differences and intersections between these two spiritual modalities. Empower yourself with knowledge to navigate both fields with wisdom and clarity.

  • Dive into Multidimensional Mediumship: Get an exclusive insight into Tricia Carr’s proprietary mediumship modality. Understand its unique characteristics, advantages, and how it distinguishes itself from other practices.

  • Embrace the Healing Energies of Departed Loved Ones: Learn how communication with those who’ve transitioned can bring solace and healing to your grief. Discover how these profound connections can foster personal spiritual growth and transformation.

  • Sovereign Spirit Communication: Master effective, safe, and evidential techniques for establishing sovereign connections with the spiritual realms. Harness your capability to reach beyond the physical plane and engage with the higher dimensions.

  • Journey of the Soul – Understand Transition: Gain insights into the soul’s incarnation process, its transition and how understanding these concepts can contribute to healing and acceptance of loss.

  • Awaken Clairvoyance: Unlock your spiritual vision and heighten your senses with specialized techniques. Enhance your ability to perceive beyond the physical world and step into the realm of spiritual discernment.

  • Spiritual Practice – The Path to Mastery: Appreciate the critical importance of personal spiritual practice in refining your mediumship skills. Learn how regular practice can lead to an enriched spiritual journey and a more profound connection with the Universe.

Module Two: Ascension + Life as a Medium

Embark on a path to ascension and immerse yourself in the life of a medium with Module Two. The knowledge you gain here will deepen your understanding of the spiritual world, connect you to Ascended Masters, and guide you in your journey as a medium.

  • Attune to Ascended Masters: Immerse yourself in the divine knowledge and attunement about the Ascended Masters including their identities and roles. Gain a deeper understanding of the life-altering experience of living as a medium

  • Engage with Ascension Energy: Learn how to establish profound connections with Ascended Masters and Avatars within the Spirit realm. Discover how to channel their wisdom and harness their energies for your spiritual growth and ascension.

  • The Mediumship Path: Delve into the profound benefits, opportunities, and purpose of living a life centered around mediumship. Explore the transformational potential this lifestyle brings to your personal and spiritual journey.

  • Clairaudience Development: Master techniques to perceive and interpret energy through your spiritual sense of hearing. Enhance your clairaudience to create deeper, more intuitive connections with the spiritual world.

  • Messages from Higher-Order Light Beings: Gain the skill to understand and interpret the symbolic spiritual communication from higher-order beings of light. Learn how to decipher the profound messages they have to offer for your ascension journey.

  • Collaborate with Spirit: Sharpen your ability to ask dynamic, penetrating questions that lead to more evidential insights. Expand your understanding of how this collaboration aids personal and spiritual evolution.

  • Partner with the Ascended and Departed: Understand the invaluable assistance offered to us by Ascended Masters, ancestors, and departed loved ones. Learn how we can return the favor and support them in their spiritual endeavors.

Module Three: Mediumship Mastery + Angelic Alignments

Refine your skills, delve deeper into your spiritual journey, and ignite your connections with the angelic realms with Module Three. Enhance your ability to heal, guide, and uplift others as you ascend in your spiritual path.

  • Elevate Vibration: Advance your mediumship skills by learning techniques to raise your vibrational frequency. Understand how to hold space, becoming a more attuned conduit for divine Light and information.

  • Awaken Claircognizance: Activate your ability to receive clear and direct downloads and to engage intentionally with Spirit. Deepen your spiritual discernment and enhance your intuitive wisdom.

  • Healing Mediumship Unveiled: Discover how to provide heart-soothing, energy-field-cleansing, and karma-resolving readings. Empower others with spiritual healing and personal growth through your insightful communications.

  • The Divine Guidance of Angel Readings: Learn to identify and convey messages from guardian angels. Develop the skill to relay their divine guidance, offering comfort and direction to those seeking it.

  • Archangelic Soul Lineage Readings: Connect individuals with their archangelic soul lineage, enabling divine interactions. Bring forward the profound wisdom and divine love these high spiritual beings hold for each soul.

  • Journey Through Dimensions of Light: Embark on an exploration of the luminous dimensions. Learn to understand energy readings, partner with the illumined ones, and perceive creation as a continuum of the Creator, rather than a separate entity.

Module Four: Cosmic Collaborations + Evidential Techniques

Step into Module Four to deepen your mediumship practice through mastery of evidential techniques and the establishment of extraordinary interdimensional connections. Unleash the cosmic power of your mediumship and usher in a new level of spiritual enlightenment.

  • Confidence in Evidential Detail Delivery: Sharpen your mediumship abilities to deliver specific and understandable details in your readings, fostering confidence and validation in your spiritual communications.

  • Mastery of Diverse Reading Types: Enhance your mediumship versatility by mastering various types of readings, including life readings, Spirit guide readings, timeline readings, and more. Tune into an individual’s Spirit team to provide insightful, transformative answers

  • Connect with Specialty Spirits: Learn to summon and interact with specific entities, addressing real-world queries and concerns through their guidance and wisdom.

  • Astral Attunement & Starseed Connection: Engage in a profound exploration of your cosmic lineage. Learn to identify, understand, and strengthen your unique starseed connections. Unveil your celestial resonance and uncover your profound cosmic origin, unlocking your hidden spiritual potential.

  • Engage with Star Beings (ETs): Embark on a journey of cosmic collaboration as you offer interdimensional guide readings, aiding individuals in rediscovering and igniting their soul purpose. Facilitate transformative connections that resonate with profound cosmic energies.

Module Five: Vibrant Well-being + Multi-Sensory Mediumship

Step into Module Five and immerse yourself in the vibrant dance of wellness, multi-sensory mediumship, and the nature spirit realm. Deepen your practice by connecting with diverse energies across the cosmos, refining your journey towards spiritual mastery.

  • Wellness-Inspired Mediumship: Delve into the realm of health and wellness mediumship. Learn how to commune with spirit guides to gain insight and guidance for maintaining vitality and balance in your life.

  • Scope and Safety in Spiritual Wellness: Learn how to define and respect the boundaries between spiritual wellness guidance and medical practice, ensuring the safety and well-being of your clients. Empower clients with spiritual insights while maintaining an ethical and responsible mediumship practice. This knowledge will allow you to uphold the integrity of your work and the safety of your clients, promoting an environment of trust and mutual respect.

  • Empowered Empath – Clairsentience: Learn to harness your clairsentient abilities, reading and interpreting energy through your heightened vibratory state. Discover how to use this tool in a healthy, evidential manner, to enhance your mediumship practice.

  • Multi-Sensory Activation: Awaken all your spiritual senses, including clairgustance and clairalience. Equip yourself with a full array of tools to communicate clearly with non-physical beings, enriching your mediumship experiences.

  • Alchemical Mediumship: Learn how to work with celestial entities from the outer cosmos and the inner elemental realms. Facilitate expedited shifts and transformations through these cosmic collaborations.

  • Communion with Nature Spirits, Devas, and Elementals: Gain the facility to identify nature spirits who are assisting you in manifestation and evolution. Develop a deeper connection with devas, fairies, elementals, and ultra-elementals, enriching your spiritual ecosystem.

Module Six: Creation, Flow + The Power of Presence in Multidimensional Mediumship™

Dive into Module Six and embrace the power of presence in your mediumship journey. Harness your ability to create, manifest, and influence the spiritual and physical realms. Your journey towards spiritual mastery continues here!

  • Amplify Your Creation and Manifestation: Master the art of enhancing your creation and manifestation process under the guidance of your multidimensional spirit advisors. Understand the power you possess to shape your reality and influence the world around you.

  • Integration of Channeling into Mediumship: Learn the subtle art of swiftly transitioning from one flow state to another, integrating channeling seamlessly into your mediumship practice. Master the rhythm of the spiritual currents for enhanced, fluid communication.

  • Alleviate Emotional Discomfort through Mediumship: Discover how mediumistic communication can serve as a spiritual ally to dispel fearful, anxious, and depressive feelings. Learn to leverage this skill as a spiritual guide that’s always accessible – like a comforting presence in your pocket!

  • Learn the Language of Manifestation: Deepen your divine connection with universal laws and radical co-creation. Develop the ability to understand and employ the language of manifestation, becoming an active participant in the divine orchestration of the Universe.

  • Soul Mission and the New Paradigm Shift: Tune into your soul’s unique mission and align with the emerging paradigm shift. Learn to navigate this transformative era with grace and purpose, aided by the prophecies shared by Tricia Carr. This valuable insight will empower you to ride the waves of change, stepping confidently into your role within the new spiritual landscape. Uncover your potential to influence and shape the future as you embody your spiritual mission and contribute to the collective evolution. You came to Earth at this time for a reason!

  • Professional Mediumship Session: Acquire the necessary skills to conduct a professional mediumship session. Learn how to maintain a balance between spiritual guidance and professional practice, ensuring a fulfilling experience for your clients.

This course is six modules that you can take at your own pace. It is recommended to stay on a consistent pace of studying for the best benefit. This comprehensive course includes over 16 hours of training in recorded video and audio lessons, meditations, and supplemental print materials.

About Your Teacher

Tricia Carr, C.C.H.t is a spiritual teacher, empathic channel, certified clinical hypnotherapist, animal and nature telepath, and master multidimensional medium. For the last decade, Tricia has been guiding students and clients through spiritual awakenings, opening psychic abilities, healing trauma, and aligning life purpose to professional satisfaction and a fulfilling life.

In all her work, Tricia utilizes gifts as a Human Design 5/1 Reflector and Channel of Nature and Spirit to attune and refine clients and students to their higher purpose and soul mission. Tricia’s training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind-Body Psychology Specialist is key to her students experiencing profound results.

Tricia teaches that the “unseen realms” are available to everyone for support and enrichment. Tricia supports her clients and students through hypno-healing, metaphysical and spiritual principles, and her grounded approach to esotericism and commitment to unity consciousness. In addition to her experience in teaching and client work, Tricia holds a bachelor’s degree in spiritual healing, a degree in clinical hypnotherapy, a degree in mind-body psychology, and is an ordained metaphysical minister.

Multidimensional Mediumship Course

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           Level One Certification*

  • 3- and 6-month payment plans available
  • 16+ Hours of training with Tricia in recorded lessons, and amazing supplemental materials
  • Practice your skills by adding the high vibe Sacred Circle community!
  • You will have one year access to the content
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Multidimensional Mediumship™?

Multidimensional Mediumship™ is the ability to communicate and connect with various dimensions of light and the attending entities of those dimensions, including departed loved ones, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Star Beings. It involves developing a deep spiritual connection and honing your intuitive and psychic skills to perceive and interpret the energies and messages from these entities. This process allows us to gain insights into our soul purpose, healing needs, life’s challenges, and spiritual growth.

Can anyone learn Multidimensional Mediumship™, or do I need to have a special gift?

While some individuals might have a natural inclination or affinity for the skill, it is a learned ability that can be developed with practice and dedication. The intuitive arts are exactly that – arts. If you’re excited by the prospect of communicating with multidimensional entities and feel a stirring in your heart at the thought, then it’s likely a sign of your latent intuitive talent as a multidimensional medium!

Who is this course for?

Multidimensional Mediumship™ is the ability to communicate and connect with various dimensions of light and the attending entities of those dimensions, including departed loved ones, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Star Beings. It involves developing a deep spiritual connection and honing your intuitive and psychic skills to perceive and interpret the energies and messages from these entities. This process allows us to gain insights into our soul purpose, healing needs, life’s challenges, and spiritual growth. These skills may be applied to one’s daily life, for volunteer and ministry purposes, or to create a career in the intuitive arts.

However, please note that this course may not be suitable for you if you believe that humans are incapable of sovereignly connecting with the realms of Spirit or that it is dangerous or “wrong” to attempt such connections. Likewise, it is not suitable for someone looking for a quick fix to life, as the process taught in the course requires practice and development.

What’s the difference between Multidimensional Mediumship™ and psychic reading?

Multidimensional Mediumship™ falls under the general umbrella of psychic abilities, but it’s unique in its objective of direct communication with the consciousness of entities across dimensions. While psychic readings often assess what’s generally in the psychic field, or read into a human’s thoughts and feelings, this program teaches you to communicate directly with spiritual entities; mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart.

Do I need to have experience as a psychic or intuitive? How can I support my development?

No prior experience is necessary! Multidimensional Mediumship™, like all intuitive psychic abilities, benefits from your personal spiritual practice, such as meditation, which we will guide and encourage throughout the program. To develop your abilities, it’s essential to practice regularly, and we offer offer opportunities to do so, specifically in Sacred Sphere.

Multidimensional Mediumship™ – Spirit connection, communication, healing – is an intuitive/psychic skill. This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in spiritual arts and exploring multidimensional realities, as well as practicing psychics, intuitives, spiritual coaches, hypnotherapists, and healers.

As with all intuitive psychic abilities, the foundation of your skillset hinges on 1) your personal spiritual practice, including meditation, which will be taught and encouraged throughout the program. For your multidimensional mediumship skills to truly flourish, each student would demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a personal meditation practice. Furthermore, 2) regular practice of mediumship skills is essential to their development. Our platform provides many opportunities for practice through extended activities. You’re encouraged to establish your own practice sessions as well. We recommend practicing with friends, family, and colleagues, and consider this a self-guided internship if you’re beginning your journey as a multidimensional medium.

What if I struggle with meditation and visualization?

This program provides an opportunity to explore and challenge any limiting beliefs and negative experiences around meditation and visualization. It’s a natural aspect of human experience to enter into altered states, such as meditation or hypnosis, and to engage with inner imagery. Even while we sleep and dream, we move through these states and experience inner imagery. Since it is necessary for every human to sleep and dream, then it is a fact that every human can meditate and experience inner imagery. (Even those who don’t recall dreams do, in fact, dream). There is, however, a common misunderstanding of what meditating and experiencing inner imagery is. Therefore, it’s important to recognize that anyone can develop the ability to meditate and visualize with practice and a willingness to trust the process. We will cover techniques for meditation and visualization in the course and offer compassionate support for those who may be struggling. Remember, the key to success is a willingness to learn and grow.

How does certification* work?

To become certified, you’ll need to complete all the lessons, trainings, and supplemental materials, and perform one 10-minute mediumship reading, with a fellow student, in a live session of Sacred Sphere or Modern Mystic Life, under coaching supervision. After completing the program, you’ll take a final quiz in which you will report the date and coach of your assessment session, your progress with the materials (on the honor system), and a few core questions from the learning. While passing the assessment session is not guaranteed, we expect everyone to pass! The reason that certification is not guaranteed is to maintain the highest level of integrity in the certification process. You’ll have up to a year to complete the program, to complete the materials, and take the final quiz as your certification submission. Upon completion, you will receive a printable certificate to showcase on your website and celebrate your achievement.

What happens after I register?

After registration you will be emailed a confirmation to the email you used in the registration process. If you do not see this within an hour, please check your spam folder. Alternatively, you go to: to access the course. Use the “Forgot my Password” process if necessary. All of your course materials are immediately available. If you would like to engage in community, check out Sacred Sphere or the low-cost membership, Modern Mystic Life.

Are there refunds?

We offer a seven-day money back guarantee. Please note, we cannot extend this period any longer than seven days. To request a refund within seven days, email through our contact page. We recommend that you partake of the wealth of free offerings by Tricia Carr before purchasing. You can get a feel for Tricia’s style through the Charmed Life Podcast, YouTube, or one of the free mini courses, Mediation: The Sacred Portal to the Soul, or Animal + Nature Intuitive Connection.

Sample Lesson


Tricia is a wonderfully talented, insightful, loving and professional intuitive coach and teacher. She is articulate and easy to speak with. I truly enjoy learning from her!

– Monica L.

Tricia has an amazing ability to explain the most complex aspects of the universe & make it so easy to understand. I enjoyed my session with her immensely. She provided me with clear intuitive guidance & I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her. I highly recommend her services & classes.

– Sinead W.