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Tricia Carr – Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Voice Artist, Multidimensional Medium/Channel – produces meditations and hypno-journeys in her professional recording studio in Los Angeles, CA. Music and sound design are composed by Film and Television Composer, Brian S. Carr (who is also married to Tricia).

Each piece utilizes psychological, material and spiritual technologies, spoken and sonic language, and therapeutic techniques. You’ll find a variety of tracks to induce various states, from mind and habit reprogramming, to mental and emotional healing, to profound journeys into the Æther.

Tricia draws upon tools as a clinical hypnotherapist and multidimensional channel. Brian crafts aural landscapes from a meditative awareness and infuses the tracks with neural activating harmonics and binaural beats.

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Sample ListenNameDescriptionGenrePriceBuyhf:categories
Past Life Hypno-journeyRun time: 33:33. Hypnotic journey traveling to review past, parallel or future lives., , , , , , , $5.55
cosmic guided-visualization hypnotic-journey imagery metaphysical mystical past-life spirituality
Council of Light Hypno-journeyRun time: 33:33. Hypnotic journey traveling to commune with your Council of Light + the Violet Flame., , , , , , , $4.44
cosmic guided-visualization healing hypnotic-journey imagery metaphysical mystical spirituality
Time Weaving, Manifesting Hypno-journeyRun time: 34:03. Hypnotic journey traveling to higher planes, eliciting time lines and past and future selves for the highest good., , , , , , , , $3.33
cosmic guided-visualization hypnotic-journey imagery manifestation metaphysical mystical spirituality wealth
Clarity MeditationRun time: 27:00. Meditation of visualization, connecting with clarity, focus and manifestation., , , , , , , , $3.33
grounding guided-visualization imagery manifestation meditation metaphysical mindfulness personal-development spirituality
Super Grounding + TranscendingRun time: 24:44. Spiritual meditation for super grounding and super transcending., , , , , , , , , $3.33
chakra grounding guided-visualization imagery law-of-attraction manifestation meditation metaphysical mystical personal-development
Abundance Hypno-journeyRun time: 33:33. Hypnotic journey to call in the energy of abundance., , , , , , $3.33
guided-visualization hypnotic-journey imagery law-of-attraction metaphysical personal-development wealth
Magic Rainbow MeditationRun time: 30:30. Spiritual meditation to a magic rainbow to gain inspiration, attunement and knowledge., , , , , , , , $3.33
chakra guided-visualization imagery meditation metaphysical mystical personal-development psychic-development spirituality

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