The Lion’s Gate Portal, a phenomenon that unfolds annually from July 28 to August 12, holds substantial mystical significance across various spiritual and esoteric systems. Aligned with the astrological sign of Leo, this occurrence is marked by the convergence of the Earth, the star Sirius, and the Sun in a manner that generates a potent energetic gateway. This event is named in honor of the Leo constellation, often symbolized by a majestic lion, and the star Sirius, the most brilliant star visible from Earth.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a period of heightened spiritual frequencies and cosmic transmissions. During this phase, the Earth receives surges of high-frequency light and knowledge from the spiritually advanced Sirius. This surge of energy stimulates both individual and collective awakening, offering upgrades in consciousness and openings for spiritual development and metamorphosis.

As it is in the sign of Leo, the dispensation of cosmic frequencies are colored by Leo’s influence of bravery, self-expression, and originality. During the Lion’s Gate Portal, these characteristics are amplified, motivating individuals to embrace their genuine selves, express their distinct creativity, and step into roles of leadership and empowerment.

Spiritual practices encompassing the Lion’s Gate Portal frequently involve meditation, setting intentions, and working with energy. Many individuals use this period to establish connections with higher guidance, release outdated patterns, and greet novel insights. It is also viewed as a particularly potent interval for materialization, as the intensified energy can aid in harmonizing intentions with the natural flow of the universe.

The most vibrant and elevated vibration of the Lion’s Gate Portal occurs on August 8th, due to its direct connection to universal life and confidence. Essentially, the mystical importance of this phenomenon resides in its potential to initiate profound inner transformations, spiritual progression, and the exploration of one’s elevated purpose. Regardless of whether it is interpreted astrologically, esoterically, or spiritually, this celestial event invites individuals to harness its energy for personal expansion, transformation, and a profound sense of connection to the vast cosmos.

Tomorrow, on the highly anticipated date of 8/8, which marks the peak of the transformative Lion’s Gate Portal, an extraordinary opportunity awaits you.

As the celestial energies align in perfect harmony, I invite you to join our remarkable group healing event with myself and other journeyers in, Easy Intuition + Meditation. This event holds the promise of unlocking your inner potential and guiding you towards a path of profound self-discovery and growth.

Easy Intuition + Meditation is a transformative 30-day journey that promises to elevate your connection with your intuition, enrich your daily life with the practice of meditation, and provide you with practical tools to harness divine guidance for everyday aligned decision-making. You can start any time, receive your daily mediations and enriching easy-to-digest lessons, and attend our bonus healing events, the first of which is occurring tomorrow8/8 at 4:30pm PST.

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By signing up, you can expect a host of transformative benefits:
• Elevate and activate your intuition to new heights.
• Cultivate a deep and genuine love for meditation, integrating it seamlessly into your daily routine.
• Develop or enhance your skills in divination, tapping into its guidance for daily insights.
• Encounter an increase in synchronicities and delightful surprises, as your intuition sharpens.
• Radiate confidence and freedom as you step into your true spiritual essence.
• Experience profound downloads of innate wisdom and clarity, enriching your perspective on life.
• Attain a profound sense of ease, security, and belonging within your body and the world around you.
• Embrace your inherent power as a sovereign spiritual being, confident in your unique journey.
• Initiate or advance your understanding of the Human Design system, deepening your self-awareness.

The methodology behind Easy Intuition + Meditation is elegantly simple yet profoundly effective. Delivered over 30 days, this course provides daily meditations, educational lessons, and thought-provoking prompts. You can easily access the course content through your desktop or on our dedicated mobile app, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Upon registration, you’ll gain immediate access to the first lesson, and you’re free to revisit the materials at your own pace throughout the entire year.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you:
• Professionally crafted and high-quality meditation sessions.
• Easily digestible educational content.
• Comprehensive lessons on divination to unlock its mystical insights.
• Teachings on the transformative power of Human Design.
• Prompts designed for introspective journaling, self-discovery, and divination practice.
• Bonus: Exclusive live interactive group Zoom calls led by the esteemed Tricia Carr. The upcoming live session is scheduled for August 8, 2023, at 4:30 pm PST, aligning perfectly with the potent Lion’s Gate energies.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to embrace the transformative energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal, while also embarking on a journey of intuitive growth and meditation mastery. Join us and become part of a community committed to unlocking their full potential and embracing the magic that awaits within. Your path to self-discovery and empowerment begins here!

Last year on 8/8/22, I delivered a live a channeled message and attunement for this powerful cosmic event: The Lion’s Gate Portal. Watch it here.

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The Lion's Gate Portal, a phenomenon that unfolds annually from July 28 to August 12, holds substantial mystical significance across various spiritual and esoteric systems.