Empathic Channel

It is your birthright to be confident and purposeful in your life’s journey. Inner guidance is available to everyone and is the key to living a life full of ease, joy, and miracles. As an empathic channel, I allow the frequencies of Spirit to flow into my energy to deliver messages, energy healing, and attunement. Whether you receive my teachings, one-on-one services, animal telepathy sessions, or inspiring and prophetic media, you will enhance your own connection to Spirit so you can intentionally create your natural and spiritual life.

Guide + Counselor

You are here to create the life that you feel in the deepest of your soul’s urging. My training has equipped me to provide therapeutic guidance and counseling. In addition to being a clinical hypnotherapist, I utilize expert methods and proven techniques to guide people in implementing new actions and states of being. It all begins with new thinking and feeling habits. I am trained in many new and ancient modalities, and I have channeled many proprietary modalities. Above all, I always flow in the now with Spirit.

Mentor + Coach

Mentor + Coach

You have a purpose and a mission. You incarnated at this time for a very special reason. I create concentrated and customized programs to help you flow on your Path of Light to be of service and to live an abundant and joy-filled life. In a mentoring process, I create a quantum container of resonance for you, thereby servicing your higher attunement constantly. I specialize in guiding people who guide people as well as empathic and highly sensitive people.

The Charmed Life Blog

Living in Integrity: Unleashing the Power of Unity Consciousness

In a world filled with distortion, distractions, suffering, and competing demands, it’s easy to lose sight of our true selves and the path to spiritual growth. Yet, at the core of our being, there exists a profound and transformative concept: integrity. Living in...