I am Truth. I am an element of Love and as such inseparable from Love. My nature is unconditional and absolute. As Love is activity and creativity, I am steadfast and sure. This is the essential part of Love that I, Truth, represent.

If Truth is ever associated with that which is not truth, even so I am untarnished. This association is only in the eyes of those who seek falsehood. Be not self-condemned for times which you have sought falsehood. Like the child who rejects her parents’ advice and eventually embraces it again, you are enriched by your travels away from Truth as long as you return. I am your willing teacher and advisor. You are Free to exercise your Will. As I am steadfast, you are always welcomed to inhabit my walls. You may carry Truth in your consciousness and you may accept as little or much of Truth as you like.

My counsel is always partnered with Peace. This is why humans say that Truth shall set you free. Peace is your natural state when you are without your departures from Love.

Welcoming Truth into your understanding is a return to your true self, absent of the creations of the ego. As such, Truth necessitates death of the ego (or lower mind). This is the only reason you experience fear of Truth; it is your ego’s fear of death in your awareness and you are temporarily identified with your ego.

You are composed of Love and therefore, you are Truth. You are both my progeny and maker. Be with me as you Will.

I am Truth.

Message from Truth, a Living Word, channeled by Tricia Carr on October 10, 2016

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