How to Live Miraculously as the Higher Self
The concept of connecting the Higher Self and Higher Will to the personal self/will is a fundamental aspect of Transpersonal Psychology. Transpersonal Psychology recognizes that individuals have a higher aspect or a deeper level of consciousness beyond their personal identity. This higher aspect is often referred to as the Higher Self, and it represents a connection to something greater than oneself, whether it be a universal consciousness, a spiritual essence, or a super-consciousness. The Higher refers to the guiding force or purpose that aligns with one’s higher self and leads individuals towards self-actualization and fulfillment. The personal will represents the individual’s desires, intentions, and choices based on their personal identity and ego, while the Higher Will refers to a deeper guiding force or purpose aligned with the individual’s higher aspect of consciousness. It is important to note that this process of connecting the Higher Self and Higher Will to the personal self/will is not a form of spiritual bypassing. Spiritual bypassing refers to using spiritual beliefs or practices to avoid or bypass personal growth, emotional healing, or psychological work. In contrast, the integration of the Higher Self and Higher Will is a process of self-actualizing and self-transcendence.

Self-actualization, as described by Abraham Maslow (see graphic), is the process of realizing one’s full potential and becoming the best version of oneself. It involves fulfilling one’s unique talents, capabilities, and desires, while also contributing to the greater good. Self-transcendence, as understood in the model of Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli, refers to the capacity to go beyond personal limitations and identification with the ego, connecting to higher realms of consciousness and embodying qualities such as love, wisdom, and compassion. It is a holistic approach that acknowledges and integrates both the personal and transpersonal aspects of human experience.

Self-transcendence is built upon self-actualization as it involves going beyond the limitations of the personal self by fully embracing and developing one’s unique talents, values, and potentials. True transcendence occurs by navigating through them, acknowledging and integrating them as part of the journey. Self-actualization is achieved when an individual becomes unshakeable in their commitment to a secure personal identity, even if they haven’t perfected every aspect of themselves, as it provides the bedrock for the transformative process of self-transcendence to take place. This process is how life can become magical and miraculous every day. This doesn’t dissolve all possibilities of challenges, struggles, or any of the other turbulences of life – life still happens. But the inner state can be unshaken by the outer occurrences, and the outer occurrences will be recognized as the direct magical effect of the Being. The Higher Self will be able to utilize the self to execute the Higher Will. Thus, life becoming the unfolding of the soul’s mission that was stamped upon the heart even before incarnation. If you are interested in exploring and expanding in such a process, I have a private opportunity for (possibly) you. As a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Channel, I guide others through this process of actualization to transcendence. I have a small roster of available spots to work with others one-on-one in a spiritual therapeutic container. I offer a 12-session mentoring and therapeutic coaching program. I currently have one spot available. If you would like to see if we are a fit to work in this together, click through here to book a free 20-minute discovery call.

Love and blessings,
Tricia Carr, CHt, BMSc.

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