Telepathy with Dogs + Zen Dog Flow | Canine Intuitive, Amy Neil

On this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr welcomes Amy Neil, dog trainer and canine intuitive. Amy helps dog guardians see their dog as a catalyst for positive change and personal growth. Join as your hosts discuss telepathic and energetic communication between dog and human, and Amy’s online guided “un-training” program for you and your dog: Zen Dog Flow.

3:10 Your dog is a spiritual powerhouses

10:30 Zen Dog Flow – meditating with your dog for spiritual growth

15:00 Fulfilling your dog’s basic needs

24:40 Using your dog’s excitement to create pack mentality

31:24 The spiritual meaning of stray animals, lost dogs and euthanasia

49:15 When pack members start to exhibit aggression towards each other

Amy Neil:

Los Angeles Mystic Arts Academy with Tricia Carr

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