The private study group is moderated to maintain a safe, supportive and love-centered environment. Any conduct that violates the community guidelines may result in expulsion from the community without refund. Access to the student community is privileged, meaning, membership is maintained by following the guidelines of conduct. Political, judgmental and dogmatic speech is strictly prohibited.

Access to and participation in the student community is optional and a bonus to this program. Participation in and access to live practice sessions held by Tricia Carr or certified facilitators is optional and a bonus to this program. Any person who is expelled from the community for misconduct, or anyone who chooses non-participation for any reason, maintains access to the educational material for up to one year from the time of registration. The education is the product of purchase. Access to student community, live practice and live offerings are all bonuses offered on occasion, at the discretion of Healing Arts Productions, to those who purchase the program and adhere to the code of conduct (guidelines) of the community.

By registering, you affirm that you understand and agree to the above statements.