I hope you are blessed. There is a lot going on in this world, so do please take care of your energy hygiene!

Speaking of energy hygiene…

I have been in a dark night of the soul resulting in personal healing; an ascending spiral up from my core wounds.

I am grateful (once again) for my wounds, as they make me more functionally sensitive and compassionate. So, here is what healing from my pain is teaching me today.

The inner critic — IT IS ALWAYS WRONG!

In any way that the voice and feeling inside your body/head is saying:

“Not good enough. Broken. Always going to happen like this. The world is too hard. You started too late. You can’t do it. It’s not possible.”

No matter how much “proof” it seems to have — it is still wrong! It knows your triggers, what you react to, so it knows how to present that false proof.

The truth is, whatever the inner citric is telling you, the UNIVERSE is loving you through that very belief! You are being offered a life line from that very pain!

When it is the hardest, that is when your guides, angels, ancestors, etc. are most available to you, pursuing you to give you what you need!

Does that seem trite? Bypassing? Irresponsible? Too simple? Yeah, those are some other lies of the inner critic. It also tells us that love is limited and weak. I know that is a lie!

Get softer than that harshness, that is a place to [re]start.

Even if you just wonder what it could feel like to be perfectly loved by the Universe… even if you could just try it for a moment or two. In good times and bad, you are loved and loved and loved!

The key to turning down the volume of the inner critic — which is a state of hypnosis, a bad one — is to go deeper into a calm, relaxed, surrendered state. Be vulnerable to love, let it find you.

And sometimes, we just need to have faith. Yup, I said it. Faith. Good old-fashioned faith. Faith can make you physically healthier and generally better to be around, so that’s a good enough reason to try it!

I have faith in you. I have faith in me. I have faith that love is pursuing all of us.

I have a new meditation in Insight Timer, Spirit Guide Communion. Start there if you like!

Creation of the outside world really does start inside. You can feel better and receive more! Miraculous shifts happen when you align your inner world with your higher self and soul blueprint. My clients report immediate and long-lasting results of the inner and outer world. I channel guidance and energy transmissions from your Higher Self and Spirit Team. As you resonate with the transmission, change occurs!

In sessions and coaching/mentoring, I use my abilities of Empathic Channeling™, Hypno-Healing™, Quantum Resonance Healing™, as well as spiritual counseling, NeuroLinguistic Programming and more.

I have openings in my calendar for the following session work. I would love to work in your beautiful energy!

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