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Intuitive Channel and Certified Master Hypnotist, Tricia Carr, welcomes you to your season of evolution.

Utilizing expert methods and proven techniques, I will guide you in implementing new habits of actions and states of being – that is, new thinking and feeling habits.

Deep healing and profound shifts in lifestyle are inevitable when we combine the spark of your intention and my expertise in working with the human consciousnesses and spirit.


Spiritual mentoring, metaphysical education, coaching and practical training to develop your intuitive abilities and connect you with your spiritual purpose. A full service mentoring program.


This program is for entrepreneurs in the spiritual/wellness space. This includes intuitives, spiritual counselors, energy healers and anyone who serves their clients by utilizing spiritual skills and abilities. Whether you have a spiritual business and want to scale it up or are at the beginning stages of building a business, this program is for you!

Make your purpose into a prosperous profession!

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Tricia Carr is selfless, genuine, high vibe, happy, spiritual, loving, full of wisdom and an incredible mentor and teacher. She is a open vessel to source energy and is able to hook into all aspects and needs for her clients. Hiring Tricia as my mentor was the best thing I could have done for my spiritual growth and the opening and use of my intuitive abilities. She took me from A to Z in a very short time. My life will forever be changed by the generosity, love and wisdom that she has shared with me. Today I stand in my truth brighter because of the light she carries and passed on to me. I will be forever grateful.

– Amy R.

Tricia and I have been working together for a few months and her gifts are truly amazing. She has helped me understand more about myself and my path.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and clarity.

– Teri G.

I feel like I finally have the guidance I need to remain focused on my path.  She provided the tools I’ve been looking for. Tricia is an amazing teacher! I’m so grateful my guides directed me towards her wisdom.

– Claudia W.