Charmed Life with Tricia Carr is a live broadcasted podcast and online TV talk show. Watch live every Sunday at 11am Pacific as Tricia discusses spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, magic, higher consciousness and the unconditional love of the universe. Tricia interviews guest experts on various spiritual topics and offers lessons and messages from Spirit. Watch live each week in the below broadcast window or on YouTube. The Charmed Life podcast is published on iTunes, iHEARTRadio and Spotify.

Sunday mornings at 11 AM Pacific


I love the way Tricia articulates; she is very knowledgeable in all areas of metaphysics. When listening to her podcast, it is clear that it is very well put together; it sounds very professional and has great content! The time flies by in the car while I’m listening and I always walk away having learned something new. Or, I can look at a situation with a new perspective!

– Boston Jenn

I love Tricia. I appreciate the diversity of experiences with Spirit she shares through this awesome podcast!

– Loa Love

Tricia is just so positive and happy sounding all the time; I just don’t know how she does it. She has great guests on the show and I’m always learning something new.

– Sher Jonesy

Love that I found you! Really enjoying your show and your guests.

– MarnieMo

Tricia, I absolutely love your podcast! For all interested in expanding in understanding yourself, I highly recommend listening to Charmed Life. I am glad that I was opened by many ideas presented by Tricia Carr and her guests, which has supported me in aligning with the source of my truth. We are powerful, spiritual beings experiencing a physical incarnation. My favorite thing is knowing that I’m not alone. I have the most amazing spirit guides who are ALWAYS there to support me. Tricia, thank you for your service and for being my light “sista”. And how could I end without sending blessings and love to the wonderful [Producer] Jarvis! You guys are like my family and I am so excited for a new podcast every Sunday. Keep spreading the love and we will conquer and overcome “obstacles” simply because we believe we are prepared to do so. Sending so much love to everyone who made this show possible!

– Positive Z

Please know how much this means to me! Your Podcast has helped me so much. Thank you so so much!

– Erika S.

Spiritual Teacher, Medium, Animal Communicator & Energy Healer, Tricia Carr live broadcasts every Sunday morning at 11am Pacific, to discuss topics of spirituality, magic & metaphysics. Our show also features different experts on various spiritual topics and offers advice on how to expand your own spirituality. Additionally, we take live calls from listeners to answer spiritual questions and to offer intuitive insight.

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