Limiting Beliefs Are A Sign of Growth

Have you seen my Lunar Phase mini-episodes? If not, you can find this series on my YouTube channel and on the Podcast. I am charting the moon for an entire cycle, reporting on the energies and what each phase means.

In one of these mini-episodes of my podcast, Charmed Life, I discuss how limiting beliefs are a good sign. Really!

Here’s how you can reframe limiting beliefs to be a good sign of your personal growth and manifestation process.

Limiting/negative beliefs can all be traced back having been created in childhood, most likely between the ages of zero to eight. As children, we create “knowns” that live in the subconscious mind. These knowns are subconscious beliefs about what keeps us safe. The subconscious mind will not allow us to create anything that contradicts these knowns, no matter how much our conscious/intellectual mind understands what is actually better for us.

For example: perhaps you fell off of your little tricycle when you were four-years-old and scraped your knee. To comfort you, mom gave you a cookie. The underdeveloped mental faculty of a child is likely to create an association between soothing pain/discomfort and cookies, or perhaps sugary foods in general. So as an adult, it could be very challenging to kick a habit of comforting yourself with desert.

Now, nobody is here to blame mom or any other parental figure! This is all human nature and we’re all doing our best at all times.

The thing is, limiting, or negatively impacting, belief is created from an unconscious urge to keep you safe or to help you survive. The energy of a limiting belief is, entirely, survival. Its whole function is survival.

Therefore, when a limiting belief is threatened by conscious awareness, it fights back! It wants to survive, that is its whole job.

Therefore, when you are aware of a limiting/negative belief, it is because you are evolving in your consciousness enough to actually threaten it. The tension between to-cookie-or-not-to-cookie is cognitive dissonance caused by your growth!

The best thing to do when you experience this struggle is to recognize that you are growing. The frustration that you feel is actually the frustration of that limiting belief as it fights back. It is afraid of dying. You are not failing, you are actually on your path of success!

Relax, congratulate yourself on your growing consciousness and be your own champion of growth. In this more relaxed, present and self-accepting state you will fall into natural alignment and your evolution will continue.

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