Channeling Pleiadians | Barbara Goldsmith

In this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr welcomes Astrologer and Channel, Barbara Goldsmith. Join as your hosts discuss what astrology and the Pleiadians offer as advice for the coming decade of 2020-2030.

4:45 Being drawn to the unseen and the meaning of Uranus moving in to Taurus

8:58 The astrology of the next decade

13:33 The quest for immortality

19:47 Channeling the Pleidians

25:00 The current energy of planet Earth

30:11 The coming decade as the time to find yourself 33:55 The individuality of nutrition 38:07 Are there “negative” ETs? 41:00 Guidance on our ascension journey from the Pleidians 45:50 The experience of becoming a channel 50:00 The Part of Fortune in your astrology chart Find Barbara Goldsmith: Part of Fortune Video by Barbara:… Los Angeles Mystic Arts Academy with Tricia Carr Tricia Carr: Watch Charmed Life live Sundays at 11am PST at:… or

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