Happy All Hallows’ Eve and Samhain!

Today is the day of the year when the veil is the thinnest. This means that both our individual energies are very open to the “beyond”, and the Spirit realm steps in closer to us.

In celebration of the day, I had a powerful experience with Spirit, and I thought I would share it with you.

This morning I entered into a deep, self-induced trance to receive guidance. After relaxing and repairing my physical body with light, I found myself drifting comfortably among the stars.

I was held up by star light. The star light was pleasant. It shifted color and texture as it cradled me, and it traveled me to the destination where my communion was to occur.

I was placed on a surface, a sort of platform in the middle of the galaxy. I felt/saw the guides who were there to attune me and to answer the queries in my heart. These guides were Lyran and presiding over all of it was Archangel Ariel. It was as if this was occurring inside of Ariel herself.

I saw a throne, of sorts, in the middle of this suspended galactic platform. I say throne because it was a singular seat, and it was slightly elevated on the platform. It was sturdy and ancient looking, but not adorned or gratuitous in design. 

Without words or gestures, I felt the guides invite me to sit upon it. As I hesitated, they clarified the purpose of the seat by asking me:

“Are you ready to step fully into your genius? Are you ready to serve in your greatest capacity?”

“Your genius…” struck my heart in a specific way. It was my genius into which they were inviting me.

With their call into my genius and my service, it was clear to me that each of us has our own unique genius. Call it purpose, call it mission – I felt in this moment that my genius is my stamp of Creator. I could allow it to be manifested or not.

I sat on the throne and proceeded to experience a projection from inside my being, projecting out in front of me, like a movie projector throwing the image onto the movie screen.

The “movie” was holographic, and it was completely vibrational. It wasn’t like just watching a movie, it was the experience of resonance with a reality before me.

Once again I seemed to pause from taking it in fully, as if there were questions or resistance inside me. I felt the guides step in, and I especially felt Archangel Ariel’s smile and tender nurturing pouring over me.

I felt compassion from Ariel and all the guides present. The compassion worked like medicine, making clear to me what the resistance was. And as I received the compassion/medicine, I had compassion for myself and for all of us.
Compassion for the fact that I (perhaps all of us) must heal from not knowing and accepting our own genius as a fact.

Your genius is a divine mandate that you can allow or disallow. In this, we are equal with divine, for there is no judgment or punishment from outside, only the punishing feeling of being separate from our own divine genius manifesting through us.

As I allowed the compassion/medicine to change me, my resistance was alchemically changed into courage.

I allowed myself to resonate with the vibrational reality of my genius and my service. I winced and wiggled some of the time, as I allowed the resonance to dissolve the places it needed to out seat.

It dissolved parts of me like fear, lacking self-worth, trauma, lies, and fear like a million more times.

It was easy, though, because the compassion/medicine caused all lesser concepts to pale in the light of my newly restored courage.

I am choosing to accept my divine genius and my highest capacity of service. I will keep allowing this process, for I know that it is a process.

How about you?

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