When you shift awareness into your inner world, you take a portal into the entire universe.

You move into the essence of soul.

You move into the essence where the mysteries are revealed, and The Mystic [your Higher Self] is writing the poem of creation.

Use your inner senses, for these senses are your high frequency senses.

– Tricia Carr, C.H.t

– Archangel Zadkiel, as Channeled by Tricia Carr, C.

Are you ready to live your most meaningful and empowered life?

Are you tired of feeling confused and fearful so often?

Do you have a deep sense that life is meant to be magical but have a hard time letting that inner truth lead your life?

Can you believe that a life led by INTUITION is actually easier?


Then let’s get you on that life path!


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 The program consists of:

  • Group meetings, 2.5 hours each, of education, practice, fellowship, and hot seat coaching – live and interactive on Zoom
  • At least three weekly deliverables: a combination of high frequency, easy-to-digest education, high production meditations, and prompts for divination, journaling, and self-inquiry
  • All content delivered by SMS multimedia text messaging, yours to review – unlimited!

Live meetings are on the following Sundays, each will start at 9am PST / 12pm EST:

  • November 6th, 13th, 20th
  • December 4th, 11th, 18th
  • January 8th 2023

Meetings are European time zone friendly! Meeting replays will be available within 24 hours of event.

If you have ever had a session with or taken one of Tricia Carr’s programs, you know to expect POWERFUL, TRANSFORMATIVE meditations and teaching! If you haven’t yet, check out Tricia’s YouTube channel and the Charmed Life Podcast.

Easy Intuition is…

A group education, meditation, and coaching program to empower your life with your inner guidance. Expect to:

  • Up-level or begin your relationship with your intuition
  • Learn to LOVE meditation – or enhance your current meditation practice
  • Learn or enhance your knowledge of divination for daily guidance
  • Begin to work with the user manual for life – that is, learn to live by your Human Design
  • Develop tools to self-heal so that you can remove blocks to your intuition
  • Develop self-love, compassion, boundaries, faith, and empowerment
  • Understand your sensitivities, empathic nature, and open centers
  • Develop cherished connections with divine beings, like yourself!
  • Grow exponentially through the Law of Spiritual Osmosis: as each one grows, so all grow
  • Be guided, loved, and attuned by Tricia Carr, C.H.t

Investment for the two plus-month Easy Intuition + Meditation Coaching is:

One payment of  $200
*Two payments of  $111

*First payment happens at registration, second happens two months later

Registration is closed

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About Tricia Carr, C.H.t

Tricia Carr, C.H.t is spiritual teacher and channel who through hypnosis and higher consciousness helps support the alchemization of pain into healing and spiritual awakenings for others. Through her popular podcast, Charmed Life with Tricia Carr, her YouTube Channel, and workshops, classes, and coaching programs, Tricia supports her clients and audience through hypnotherapy, metaphysical and spiritual principles, and her grounded approach to esotericism and commitment to unity consciousness.

In all the media, education, and audio that Tricia creates, you will experience cutting edge metaphysical and mystical concepts that will leave you curious about the limitlessness of universal love. At the core of her work, she provides containers for others to walk through and experience their big picture for healing and expansion.

As a Reflector in Human Design, Tricia’s power lies in her ability to be “painfully un-niched,” mutating as a chameleon to reflect Spirit’s messages back to those who are walking through their own spiritual awakening.

In addition to her content and coaching containers, Tricia holds a bachelor’s degree in spiritual healing, a degree in clinical hypnotherapy, and is an ordained metaphysical minister.

YOUR INTUITION is your direct and available connection to YOUR SOUL and UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE.

Tricia’s ability to commune with the universe and hold space to help you find your highest self is an absolute superpower! Her gentle, loving, and powerful aura let’s you reclaim your own power as you co-create your greatest reality shedding and releasing what no longer serves you and stepping into who you were always meant to be.

– Chase O.

I just wanted to tell you that you have such a talent for explaining complex, esoteric concepts in a way that is understandable and relatable. As with the AA Michael class, there are so many “full circle” moments and continued unfoldings of the teachings, and I know there are more to come! I realized I was being tuned prior to the class after you mentioned the concept of “tuning”, and have since been noticing repeated ideas and concepts that were covered in the class….even just the next day! During the activations, I also felt strong energies I had never felt before.

– Ana C.

Tricia is a wonderfully talented, insightful, loving and professional intuitive coach and teacher. She is articulate and easy to speak with. I truly enjoy learning from her!

– Monica L.

Tricia has an amazing ability to explain the most complex aspects of the universe & make it so easy to understand. I enjoyed my session with her immensely. She provided me with clear intuitive guidance & I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her. I highly recommend her services & classes.

– Sinead W.