Animal Communication

Our animal companions have powerful insight about life as they are better with unconditional love and they are closer to divinity!

Whether there is an issue to discuss such as behavior, a change in the household, questions about the animal’s passing or if you just want to understand your animal friend more deeply, ​the experience is beautiful!

Animals have free will just like humans. If behavior is a concern, we may discuss it and discover the animal’s point of view but change usually requires decision and cooperation from all human and animals concerned. As an energy healer, I can offer advice for deeper spiritual work if necessary.

Whether your animal companion is living or passed on, I will communicate directly with him/her using telepathy. Your animal will share his/her thoughts and feelings and I will ask any questions you may have.

In this session, we can investigate behavioral and health** concerns, learn about your spiritual connection with your animal(s), learn about their life purpose and much more!

If behavior is a concern, I can offer advice for both you and your animal about how to shift the issue going forward. Often, just listening to the animal’s perspective effects a shift in a positive direction! This is also helpful when dealing with an animal’s passing or potential passing and for connecting to your passed over animal(s) (mediumship).

To learn more about the process of animal communication, click here to read my blog post (hyperlinked to blog post: An Explanation of Animal Communication, dated 10/17/2015)

If your animal is missing, I recommend reading this blog post also. (hyperlinked to blog post: Lost Animals and Animal Communication, dated 10/22/2016) Before booking an appointment regarding a lost animal, please email me. Due to the potential time commitment for these situations, sometimes my schedule does not permit for me to accept these bookings. However, I have colleagues whom I highly recommend when I’m not available!

For farm, sanctuary and other site visit requests,
please click ​here and fill out the contact form (hyperlinked) to reach me directly. Please include details in the contact form and I will respond promptly!

**With health concerns, I can ask your animal’s perspective about what is going on with them physically. I am not a medical doctor and neither is your animal! Please seek medical attention when necessary! These services are not a substitute for medicine.**


$100.00 for one animal, $151 for two animals, $200 for three animals. For four or more animals and for farm, rescue or veterinary visits, please click here (hyperlinked to contact page) to contact me about your request. 

How it Works

This service is performed remotely (with the exception of large facility or farm sessions). Telepathic communication works as well regardless of proximity.

I telepathically communicate with your animal(s) one-on-one, remotely, and take notes of our session. This is a process of connecting on an energetic level. Your animal and I communicate in subtle, vibrational frequencies.

I receive information from your animal in the forms of:
Clairvoyance, that is, images in my mind’s eye

Emotions, also called clairsentience or empathic language
What seems like speech in my mind’s eye, also called clairaudience

The process is a manner of translating subtle, energetic (or vibrational) expression.


Before we have our appointment, I need you to email me a few items so that I can hook in to your animal’s energetic field. Think of these details like an energetic calling card.

At least 48 hours prior to our appointment, please send me the following:

  • A recent photo in which I can clearly see the eyes (If the animal has passed on, as recent a photo as possible is fine.)
  • Name of the animal(s)
  • Age of the animal(s)
  • How long you have been together
  • Questions, concerns, interests.

Four to ten questions is the average of what I receive. Please keep your questions a simple as possible, general and with few details. It is best for me to have less information so that we have room for discovery. ​We receive validation about the connection by the evidence discovered.

*After booking, you’ll receive an email with these instructions.

After my one-one-one remote session with your animal, you and I have a phone call to continue the conversation and to clarify the findings. I email you the finished transcript after our session. You are welcome to record our call if you like. Depending on how many animals with whom we’re communicating, our phone call will take between 30 minutes to over an hour.

Nature Communication

“Where there is energy, there is information.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Everything is energy, matter and non-matter alike. Elements of nature offer wisdom and healing from a unique perspective. I can connect with various aspects of nature to gain insight about how to enhance balance and harmony in an environment. Perhaps you would like to find out what you can do to honor your natural surroundings or if a new space is a good match for you. Maybe you are moving to a new location and would like to say goodbye to a favorite element of nature.

Here are some situations in which nature communication can help: 

  • Moving to a new environment.
  • Planting or transplanting trees, flowers, rocks/minerals, etc.
  • Energetic clearing and balancing, perhaps in response to trauma or radical shift in the environment.
  • Connecting with wild animals in your environment, perhaps if there is conflict or imbalance.


Approximate range of cost is $100 – $1000. This is specialized pricing, specifically tailored to each case. Click the button below to fill out the contact form to reach me directly. Feel free to include details in the contact form.