Today is the Wolf Moon, and it is also a Micro Moon!

Wolf Moon is a name given by indigenous peoples because wolves are heard calling (howling) more at this time. This honorific is given to Moon both to heed and to honor the call of Wolf Spirit.

Wolves call for the purposes of bonding, to bring loved ones together, to bless their home space, and to plan their manifestation journeys. Today is a great day to take this lesson from Spirit Animal, Wolf.

Meditate, and listen to Wolf Spirit. Hear or sense Wolf call in your heart.
What emotions, desires, or connections does Wolf call in?
What blessings are bestowed in the call?
For what is Wolf declaring gratitude?

🌕 A Micro Moon is the opposite of a super moon, called thus because this full moon is farthest from the earth.

Since Moon stimulates our emotional bodies, her distance from us at this time sets the stage for powerful introspection. Moon is so far from us, even so, she is luminescing for us. Moon creates space for us to enhance awareness of emotions; the “distance” can lend perspective and enhance appreciation of their abiding presence.

Lunar and Wolf blessings to you!

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