Mystics have always been the most cutting-edge thinkers and livers of life. Mystics have always been light-years ahead of the status quo — quantum physics is starting to catch up to centuries-old mystical concepts. When the forward-thinking mystic is grounded, then she is also present to modern living. 

This is a pertinent time in human and planetary evolution. You incarnated to be a part of it all! Maybe you are a spiritual guide to those in your life, your family and friends, or in a professional capacity. What is certain is that your inner guidance caused you to awaken to the omni-dimensional reality of our Universe in THIS life.

A Modern Mystic:

  • has a personal, sovereign spiritual practice
  • endeavors to live intuitively and creatively
  • is free of fundamentalism and dogma
  • is free of proselytizing and projection
  • is rich with personal morals and character, as well as ethics, that is how we conduct ourselves with others/society
  • utilizes spiritual technology for personal development and enrichment as well as to bless and heal others
  • is attuned to Unity, and therefore knows that psychism is meaningless if it causes separation
  • is in the process of mastering beliefs, thought-forms, and other psychic mechanisms
  • is raising consciousness through daily hygiene and fitness practices
  • resources metaphysical philosophy, mystical and esoteric arts
  • attunes to surrender and responsibility

There are more spiritually awakened and motivated people on our planet than ever before. Awakening is not the end of the story, it is only the beginning. Awake, sensitive, compassionate, service-to-others-oriented individuals like yourself must be supported in order to be healthy and empowered.

This is why I have created the Modern Mystic Life Coaching Portal.

Modern Mystic Life is a coaching and mentoring portal providing daily practices, inspiration, and instruction to evolve your life as a Mystic and as a Human-Spiritual Being. It’s like having a spiritual mentor in your pocket!

It is high value, low cost, and ultimate ease.

At only $11.11 per month, you will have multimedia content delivered right to your SMS text. No log in, no password to remember, it will be there for you as divine and easy synchronicity! You will be able to save and go back to your favorite content. If you connect your texts to your desktop, then you can watch them full screen. And of course, we have the powerful monthly live workshops and meditations.

As your guide, I will be delivering the tools and technologies that are proven to evolve your abundant life, inside and out! You have access to living a life that blesses the self and the All!

A spiritual life is one that is rich in miracles, intuition, healing, service, and love. Daily consciousness fitness and hygiene is as necessary as diet and physical movement. This is YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR PATH OF LIGHT!

Your consciousness (your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy) is omni-dimensional!

This journey is intended to be experienced on all planes and realms at once – that is true freedom!

What you can expect in MML:

  • Inspirational audio, video, and text of varying lengths
  • Spiritual education – exclusive and premium content
  • Meditations and consciousness expansion practices
  • Channeled messages and prophetic energy reports
  • Rituals for manifestation
  • A curated path of personal and spiritual development
  • Access to monthly live (on Zoom) classes, Q&A, group coaching/intuitive reading with Tricia (a $35 value each class)
  • Community and fellowship as we meet live
  • Attunements to benevolent guides; Archangels, nature spirits, masters, etc.
  • Notifications of new Charmed Life podcasts and videos
  • Exclusive discounts on products and services
  • Inclusion in the resonant container of healing and blessing that Tricia Carr holds for this sacred portal and community

Why is it valuable to attune to the psychic field through metaphysics and mystical tools? Because –

Psychism is real. Spiritual technology is real.

The only secret left about esotericism is that it is real and utilized by everyone whether they know it or not.

The Path of Light journey is taken one glorious step at a time. Let’s be the blessing that we are seeking in the world!

Tricia Carr is an empathic channel, spiritual teacher, therapeutic guide, Gaia prophet, multidimensional medium, certified hypnotherapist, and animal/nature telepath.