What if the “What Ifs?” are changing What Is?

It is your gentle, kind, curious, patient, self-loving, playful, hopeful, and easy contemplation that is precisely what is shaping your reality into your preferred reality.

This is a simple and accurate truth about how manifestation operates.

How can we enhance gentle, patient, and kind “What if?” awareness? Aren’t we supposed try very hard to manifest a new reality?

Sometimes the messaging of the law of attraction and other metaphysical/mystical philosophy is received and/or executed in a harsh manner. We may hear, “You create your reality…” and from that statement, some people infer blame and apply self-judgment.

To create balance and emotional health with self-development philosophies, there are three key points to remember:

1) It is philosophy. Philosophy pushes the boundaries of perception by using such tools as hyperbole, metaphor, and archetype. Philosophy is creative and disruptive. If at any time a philosophical concept is not fostering a sense of emotional well-being within you, then just pass it by. The discordant emotional response is the cue that it is not the fertilizer for the current state of your emotional ecosystem. It is un-helpful to judge yourself for not getting it right. Also, it is un-helpful (to you) to judge the messenger for not delivering it in a manner that works for you.

(Of course, it is important to bring to accountability anyone spreading disinformation or prejudice from an implied position of authority. That aside, the emotion of judgement works contrarily to sustaining health and balance. When the discordant emotion of judgment arises, ask yourself, “Is it worth it? That is: is feeling the feeling of judgment leading to a calm state that creates more health for myself and others?”)

Spirituality is philosophy.

Restating that to put a fine point on it: all non-religious, non-dogmatic, personal-sovereignty-supportive spirituality — is philosophy.

Any system including “shoulds”, “beliefs”, “tenets”, or anything resembling an outside agent of authority — is dogmatic religion.

Any “Us versus them”, “Righteous versus evil”, “Awakened versus dark alliance”, etc. – this is old-fashioned, there’s-nothing-new-under-the-sun, dogmatic religion.

2) No one and nothing can make you feel anything. This is the cornerstone to healing and living free. The application of the Universal Laws of Manifestation and Free Will live and die here; at the sovereignty of the feeling state.

I’m not saying that having absolute management – dare I say “control”? – over your feeling state is easy or automatic. Holding strength in your emotional and mental bodies is a life-long challenge and is the road to healing. Each time we are able to maintain a preferred feeling state, even in the awareness of either present or past painful experience, we heal significantly, and sometimes, manifest miraculously.

3) Understand and work with your suggestibility! This will help you in your practice of sovereignty in your feeling state.

Suggestibility is the way that you learn and receive information. For example, crafting affirmations (which are hypnotic suggestions, by the way) in the manner that aligns with your suggestibility will make your affirmation practice much more effective.

If you are more literal, then the direct and disruptive approach to personal development (a.k.a. philosophy) may feel amazing to you! If you are more inferential, then a more explorative contemplation style may work for your personal empowerment and development. Some people are an equal mix of literal and inferential suggestibility, and all of us have some of both.

Here are examples of suggestibility friendly statements.

I have everything I need NOW!

I am open to the possibilities that abundance making its way to me.

(Also, the opening question and statement are very inferential.)

Work with what feels right to you and apply it how it feels right to you.

To learn about your suggestibility, click here to take the quiz!

Learning to work with your suggestibility is a personal development skill and is one of many possible outcomes of my Mind-Body Ascension Accelerator Coaching. This is an immersive healing container that upgrades the mind-body connection to exponentially enhance one’s spiritual life mission progress. This is for serious, committed, and responsible journeyers. This is a very small group coaching, it is by submission only, and requires significant investment and commitment.

Some results to expect:
🌟 Confidence and clarity that you are living your spiritual mission
🌟 Mastery over the mind, utilizing it as a tool to create your life
🌟 An upgraded nervous system
🌟 An understanding of your energy design and how it supports your life story
🌟 Improved physical well-being; body composition improvement, reduction of inflammation and/or chronic issues
🌟 Improved relationships; an understanding of who you are in partnership and of powerful tools to design fantastic partnerships
🌟 an understanding and upgrade of the empathic body
🌟 Joyfully strengthened boundaries
🌟 A release of patterns, including codependency and experiencing narcissistic abuse
🌟 Deepened connection to the intuition of the physical body
🌟 Healing of past pain and trauma and skills to continue to self-heal
🌟 Excitement about and empowerment in your personal spiritual practice
🌟 A map to continue to walk your ascension path and to overflow to serve others

This is especially attuned to those with a tendency to high achievement, who can be disciplined but are perhaps at a loss as to how to upgrade. If you would like to submit to work with Tricia Carr in Mind-Body Ascension Accelerator Coaching, click through here to apply.