Do you think you could be psychic?

Or, do you think it would be cool to be psychic, but you have never experienced such a phenomenon, so you assume you are not psychic?

Do you think that psychic abilities are extremely in humans?

If you are curious whether you could be psychic, then you’ll like this article.

To answer whether you could be psychic, I will be giving you three key ways to know if you are psychic whether you have experienced psychism or not.

Let’s start with the belief that psychic abilities are rare.

It still seems to be quite common to think that psychic abilities are rare. In fact, as I was recently watching the Deep End, the Hulu docu-series on Teal Swan, this notion of psychic abilities as rare seemed to be prevalent.

I disagree.

In fact, I have seen hundreds of people open psychic abilities that they didn’t know they had. I have witnessed this by training them, myself.

I would love for us to de-condition ourselves of the notion that psychism is extremely rare.

Also, I would love for us to de-condition ourselves of the notion that psychism is impractical or even unsafe.

One of the reasons that people believe that being psychic is only for very special people comes from what is implied when a psychic proclaims that they were born psychic. I don’t dispute that this person was born psychic. I only dispute the implication or inference that being born psychic is rare.

I’ll expand on that thought.

Some people say, “I was born psychic…” to intentionally imply that they are rare and special to command authority over others. Not all people who say I was born psychic have such intentions. I have heard people stated as a simple fact of their experience, and to my ear, they were not implying anything more. It is a matter of discernment. However, usually, there are more contextualizing statements that make it clear of their claims of “specialness”.

In fact, I have heard a very popular spiritual teacher claim to be the most psychic person on the planet. Quite frankly, making such a claim is narcissistic gaslighting.

Also, when someone shares their experience of being born psychic, a person who hears this may infer that they are exceedingly special, even if the psychic had no intention of implying this.

The important take-away here is that in essence:

Everyone is born psychic.

Psychism is a communing with and perceiving the psychic realms… the subtler realms of energy.

Babies and children naturally experience this. Most people are conditioned to stop paying attention to the psychic field as we grow up, and the perception goes dormant. And there is so much to why psychic gifts go dormant and stay dormant, but I will share just one reason why this happens to so many people.

Everyone knows that we are living in the shadow of centuries of emotional abuse by religious and political institutions. These entities are threatened by personal spiritual sovereignty; by a person being magical all on their own.

I’m a product of the Western world (in this life), so I’ll use just this one example. Both in Europe and in the Americas, outside of organized religion, there is a deep history of spirituality based in ancestry, nature and personal experience. Many of these ancient spiritual practices involve personal manifestation and magic which utilizes the natural spiritual abilities of the individual.

This type of practice encourages a direct and personal experience with creator energy. It isn’t difficult to imagine how such individual weighted spiritual sovereignty is a threat to religious power.

Religion steps in and drives a wedge between humans and God.

Religion created fear, persecution, shame, terror to revoke the common person connection to personal spiritual sovereignty. If you can manifest your survival needs, then you are less afraid of the church and the state. Church and state have a habit of convincing us we are weak. So yes, I have a sense that part of the reason we believe psychism is either rare or unsafe is because we are still under the spell of ages of persecution.

I don’t want us to fall back into that, do you?

So let’s find out if you are psychic and then let’s claim our spiritual sovereignty – because nobody has the right to stand between you and God.

So suffice it to say, I have the perspective and real-life experience that being psychic is natural and much more common than many people think.


Let’s start with a reframe and repair of what exactly psychic abilities are.

The Intuitive and Creative frequencies are very close to the same energetic signature. You might think of it as a universal portal that you access. And if you would like to engage in a short exercise with me now…

Soften your eyes, blinking slowly as you read, and intend to deeply receive this imagery I am suggesting for you…

As you soften your eyes, nice, big, deep, cleansing breath…

Imagine or sense that you are approaching a cosmic portal…

Whatever that means for you.

You open it or it opens for you…

When you walk into this portal, imagine that you take one step forward into this space…

And now, you can go to the right or to the left.

Imagine or sense that going right is moving into the energy frequency of creativity…

Going left is moving into the energy frequency of intuitiveness.

And if you are standing somewhere down the middle of this space between creativity and intuitiveness, there is a blend of the energies, a marriage.

You can take a moment to close your eyes to visualize or imagine this space of creativity to the right, intuitiveness to the left, and what the blending of the two is like down the middle. Come back when you’re ready.

If you joined me in this imagery, you are welcome to open your eyes to your natural reading posture.

Now, if you are wondering “What about psychic abilities? Where is this in this space?”

Well, psychism is like the door, the portal opening to this place.

Intuitive – a.k.a. psychic – sensing is as natural as creativity. And so, intuitive abilities are as varied as creative abilities. And it may be true, perhaps, that certain people are more inclined to certain kinds of psychic prescience. However, special kinds of talents do not negate the fundamental talent that everyone has.

Let’s consider music as an example. Everyone who can hear or kinesthetically sense is on the spectrum for being musically talented. It’s true. If you’re thinking, “I can’t sing or play an instrument or I know people who can’t…” Remember how it feels to enjoy music. That ability to feel a different state because you are connecting to music puts you on the spectrum of musical talent.

Now, consider someone like Cristina Aguilera. I remember seeing a documentary package on Christina and when she was very little she was known as the little girl with a big voice. She began singing at age 3 or 4 and begin winning competitions at age 8. Christina has a certain prescience as a creative artist that showed in seemingly undeniable ways when she was very young. Now, does that mean that is the case for all singers? Perhaps some people never try signing until they are teenagers or young adults, and then they discover, with really seeing what their voice can do, that they do have natural talent. That talent can be developed into a skill, or not.

Connecting the metaphor back to the psychic prescience, perhaps you are thinking, “Well,

I’m past teen and early adult years and I have never experienced psychic evidences.”

Remember, we have come up in a paradigm that, at the very least, does not encourage psychic abilities and moreover, has a thousand ways to shame or frighten us from the possibility.

Talents are realized through nature and nurture, possibly equally. So, if you are nurtured to fear, reject, or ignore the possibility of psychism, then it stands to reason that the talent would be repressed, made to lie dormant.


Here are three ways to know if you are psychic. I invite you to contemplate these points as I lay them out for you, and even after you finish reading. Contemplation is an experience of allowing your body to receive the information and then noticing it bubbling up to your creative mind, to your right brain experience, and engaging your third eye.

Contemplation is different from analysis or logic. Contemplation is the neighbor to both meditation and creative focus. It is somewhere in the middle, like that space we occupied down the center of creativity and intuitiveness.

The following is a list that doesn’t need to resonate with you at in its entirety. If you feel one point not another, then you could still move forward in the discernment that you may be psychic. And of course, this is not a complete list by any means.


When you were a child, whether you have strong memories or not, you played and imagined very colorfully. Believing in, what adults called fairytales, was natural. It wasn’t even a belief; it was just how the world is.

You felt life in your toys and in the games you played. You created worlds when you played, whether you played alone or with peers.

It was real. It was your truth.

That was your untarnished intuitiveness. That was you engaging in the psychic field and interacting with:

– real spirit entities
– real timelines, as in ones that exist in the Akashic records

– and you were seeing the real psychic field.

Not everyone recalls seeing grandpa at the end of the bed saying goodbye the day he died. But, first of all, not remembering it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It may have happened and it was just so normal for you as a child.

And second, seeing dead grandpas is not the only way to be psychic.

Perhaps as a child — your untarnished psychic abilities may have specialized in channeling rainbows from the 5th dimension.


You have experienced magick in your life.

Magick — in the forms of synchronicity, surprising manifestation, or a sense of knowing something was going to happen before it happened.

Or perhaps you have had fleeting experiences of seeing something in the corner of your eye — maybe much more frequent or significant phenomena — even if you don’t know how to control it or conjure the experience, it is still real.

And, if you have an inner dialogue, a sort of conversation partner, that you listen to and talk to when you need help… Sometimes people even talk out loud to “themselves” to this inner character…

That is a sign of being connected to your spirit guides. That is a kind of mediumship.


You are fascinated with the idea of being psychic. You could close your eyes now, take a deep breath to clear your mind, and daydream about how cool it is to be psychic – to be connected in an exciting and intimate way with the Universe.

You can imagine deep sensing or seeing, and it feels exhilarating. It feels free, and fun – a childlike quality that, perhaps, you long to have in your life.

That feeling is resonance. This is your spirit telling you – YES! You are psychic.


You can take the journey to de-condition yourself of fear, confusion, or disbelief in psychism.

You can take back your personal spiritual sovereignty.

And you can foster dormant psychic abilities.

Remember, it is a journey, so take it one inspired step at a time.

Stay in resonance with your excitement, joy, and freedom – that resonance will carry you forward.

Thanks for tuning in, I love you, whoever you are.

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