The holidays bring times to gather with loved ones and, well, sometimes just ones we have to tolerate! 😆

Whether you are shopping, going to parties, or hosting gatherings, you may be spending extra time in other people’s auras. It is important to discharge and reset your aura after being in the presence of others’ auras.

This is important when the opportunity arises that you are around:

  • more people than usual
  • people who are different than your usual people, that is, people you rarely see
  • new people, as in meeting them for the first time…

However, this practice of discharging and resetting your aura really needs daily maintenance.
Below, I give a measure for approximately how much discharge/reset time you could use according to your Human Design BodyGraph.

My Human Design type is Reflector, so that means all my energy centers are undefined. Undefined or open centers in your BodyGraph (the white ones) are one of the primary receptors of conditioning — or outside influences taken into your physical being.

The day after being in the auras of a lot of people – even people I love – I need time to discharge what I have received into my open centers. It isn’t like what I’ve pulled into my energy is bad or toxic, it doesn’t have to be misaligned in order for it to be extra.

For example, sacral energy is wonderful and it can even be healing for me to “pick up” the overflow of sacral energy from Generators — but only to a point. If I receive too much of that sacral energy that is not native to me, I can short circuit. I could get headaches, have trouble focusing, and paradoxically, I can become both exhausted and have trouble sleeping. It’s like I can get over served with others’ sacral energy.

So after I have been highly exposed to others’ auras, I limit my exposure to others as much as possible. Being physically within 60 feet of another person will cause my aura to sample their aura. That’s just how my energy functions, sampling is a Reflector thing. However, any open or undefined center will bring in other energies and amplify it.

For example, the day after Thanksgiving – which I spent having the best time laughing and communing with dear friends – I discharged for an extra amount of time. I even exercised by walking around the neighborhood instead of on my favorite nature hike. While I would have loved to hike on one of my favorite nature trails, those are busy on days like the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the streets are quieter.

So, while discharging and resetting, alone time is critical.

Solitude is the best way to discharge and reset your aura.

Solitude means limiting exposure to others’ physical energy, but also thought and emotional energy. Solitude means no people – even virtual people as in on social media, TV, films, books, etc. Total time in your own aura.

This includes limiting texts, calls, social media, etc. Ideally after a lot of contact with others, I would take a several hours of solitude.

A good measure for how much solitude will serve you to discharge and reset your aura is:

  • approximately 15-30 minutes per undefined center. Again, this is referring to the white centers in your Human Design BodyGraph.

So after a big day of exposure, perhaps it is 30 minutes per undefined center.

As I mentioned, this is ideally a daily practice! So on a typical day, perhaps you can spend 15 minutes per open center in solitude to discharge and reset your aura.

If your current lifestyle doesn’t make this super easy to do today, don’t be discouraged! Just begin how you can today – even if you have to take back your time – and contemplate expanding that daily solitude, personal aura time to what suits you.

What do you do during the solitude, personal aura time?

  • meditate, self-guided
  • pray – journal, or write creatively
  • take a drive – no radio, podcast, audio book
  • commune with nature, including your own animal family
  • exercise, body movement, yoga – unassisted, as alone as possible
  • sing, play an instrument, dance, create art – also unassisted
  • channel
  • divination

What to avoid during the solitude, personal aura time?

  • Physical proximity to others’ auras – when I walk or run, I cross the street to create at least 60 feet of distance between myself and another
  • Virtual proximity to others’ auras – texting, calls, etc.
  • Others’ thoughts and feeling energy – social media, conversations, etc.
  • Anything that someone else produced – TV, films, novels, books of any kind, music, etc.

I’m not claiming it is easy peasy to create this space in life as it is. We are conditioned to make our lives work in the outside construct. I do invite you to joyfully consider it as a possibility. I mean, I have nine open centers, so do the math if you like.

If you have open centers, maybe you can contemplate what you receive from others into those centers. Look at your BodyGraph and the type of energy that white center manages, and consider how you feel around others (and after being around others) in that kind of energy.

Consider setting aside 15-30 minutes per undefined center to discharge and reset to your natural, clear, openness in that area.

If you happen to be one of the rare people who have a BodyGraph with all defined centers, you need this too! Calibrate to what feels right for you!

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