October 8, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Sacred Sphere
A bi-monthly communal learning, practice + resonance
by Tricia Carr, CCHt, BMSc
Your Community for Intuition, Manifestation + Spiritual Development

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Welcome to Sacred Sphere, a realm where intuition ignites, manifestation magnetizes, and psychism expands. No matter where you stand on your spiritual journey, our doors swing wide open, embracing you with the offer of expansion and enlightenment.

In each session, expect a captivating blend of learning, soul-soothing meditation, and heartfelt connections. Dive into the shimmering pool of possibility, where you can either receive illuminating readings from your fellow seekers or hone your intuitive prowess. Alternatively, bask in the high-vibrational symphony of souls in resonance, letting your spirit soar.

This lovingly curated haven offers a steadfast anchor for spiritual explorers, providing a nurturing environment to flourish. If you’re seeking to sharpen your intuition, there’s no better path than immersing yourself in our community, steeped in the wisdom of expert spiritual mentors. And for those already traversing the spiritual realm, you’ll uncover endless opportunities to expand, experiment, and dive deep into the mysteries of self and the cosmos. Learn how to powerfully activate your manifestation practice to accelerate your soul’s mission!

Now is the time to unite in radiant light, boundless love, and an unshakeable belief in the spiritual essence of our existence. Together, we elevate the human experience, fostering the growth of unity consciousness and celebrating the eternal journey of the soul. Join us on this luminous adventure!

We ground in these principles:
Manifestation: How’s that Law of Attraction relationship going for you? Could it be enhanced? Lessons and attunement are offered here with compassion and belief in YOU on your soul’s mission! You came here for a purpose, and we need you at your most abundant!

Intuition: In this knock around society, the still small voice of intuition can be drowned out. Come to the Sphere where the tender call of your soul is highlighted, put center stage, and recognized as what is correct for you! We learn spiritual technologies to connect you to your intuition to guide your life and higher path.

Psychism: As in your psychic/intuitive abilities. We are in the Intuitive Age, the Age of Expanding Consciousness. Everyone has this birthright of spiritual abilities, and this is the place where you can hone natural talents into skills. We keep everyone very safe and ethical, so there are pre-requisites to be able to offer reading and healing practice, and we’re proud of this standard. Or just come to receive!

Community: Resonance is the coalescence of two or more frequencies to create a whole, new frequency. A wonderful thing about this big ol’ Universe in which we live is that when two or more frequencies resonate in love, there is exponential expansion! We become greater and more luminous that the sum of our parts! We call is spiritual osmosis: when one expands, we all expand exponentially and together.

Compassion: It seems that this whole spirit-becoming-human experiment, at the end of the day, is about compassion. Compassion is the recognition of another’s suffering and having the capacity to act on the alleviation of that suffering. Holding ourselves in a compassionate container is truly the first ingredient in formula to heal our human race and our planet.

Each two-hour session unfolds as such:

  • Welcome, Announcements – 5 min
  • Meditation/Attunement – 10 min
  • Spiritual lesson on manifestation, intuition, or psychism – 10-15 min
  • Q&A time – 15 min
  • 1st Break-out rooms – 30 min
  • Bio Break – 5 min
  • 2nd Break-out rooms – 30 min
  • Closing in main session – 10 min

Breakout Rooms
Within our enchanting breakout rooms, a harmonious blend awaits you – a fusion of seasoned readers, those seeking intuitive readings, and kindred souls eager to explore manifestation techniques. Here, we dive into the realm of conscious questioning, nurturing a sacred space for each other’s dreams and desires. It’s a remarkable journey to be embraced by a community of like-hearted individuals!

In these breakout rooms, connections blossom, and new soul companions are made. Whether you’re a practicing psychic, a healer, a channel, or someone seeking deeper insights, this space welcomes all. For spiritual practitioners, it’s a chance to refine your gifts and experiment with burgeoning skills. After all, our collective purpose is to flourish and ascend in the realm of Spirit.

The Sphere is designed to propel you toward your soul’s mission, whatever that may be. Here, we stand united, dedicated to your growth and expansion on this extraordinary spiritual voyage. Embrace the magic of this space and embark on your path to soulful fulfillment!

Sacred Sphere is also a container dedicated to supporting the graduates of Tricia Carr’s intuitive skills development programs. If you have taken Multidimensional Mediumship, Animal Communication, Intuitive Development Levels 1-3, or any other full program for psychic development, this is the place for you to practice! Activate your abilities! See yourself shine! If you haven’t taken a course with Tricia yet and you are interested in giving readings, you must attend two full Sacred Sphere sessions as a pre-requisite. Get the feel of the space, learn about our community standards and ethics, and you’re good to go! Of course, we would love for you to partake of one of the intuitive development programs mentioned above!

About your guide, Tricia Carr, CCHt, BMSc

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