My mission is to serve as a prophet for Gaia and a champion for sensitive humans.

Hi friend, I’m Tricia Carr.

I Can Help!

I know that feeling and I have experienced transforming from repressed inspiration to inspired exsistence!

​With one -on- one sessions and classes, I will take you step-by- step to greater states of feeling and being. You can experience wholeness, empowerment and life’s beauty. You have a higher purpose and Spirit is calling you toward your path.

Currently, I am studying with the University of Metaphysics, pursuing the degree of Doctor of Divinity, D.D., specializing in Spiritual Healing. I graduated from Advanced Mediumship with the Los Angeles School of Spiritual Development. I am a Certified Fairyologist and Certified Realm Reader. ​I have also taken courses with Caroline Van Kimmenade and Crystal Anne Compton.

I host an online TV talk show called Charmed Life with Tricia Carr. Charmed Life broadcasts live every Sunday at 11am Pacific. Watch the archives on YouTube or listen to the Charmed Life audio version anytime on iTunes.

I am also a writer. I’m authoring several books about spirituality and animals and nature. Check out my blog.

If what you read hear resonates with you, check out my services and classes. 
Thank you for tuning in. I love you, whoever you are!

What Others Are Saying

“My time spent with Tricia today was fun, illuminating and a real eye opener. Tricia knew things about me that I had never brought up or mentioned to her. She found blocked energy spots on me that had been hurting for years and I had no idea why. I could visually and physically feel healing energy entering and surrounding my body while Tricia talked me through my chakras. I don’t know exactly what she did, but I do know she helped me tremendously. She knew exactly where I needed energy and where mine was blocked. I feel lighter on my feet and slightly tingling hours later. I look forward to our next session after I work on those many daily tips you gave me. Thank You Tricia!”

– Tom P.

“Tricia helped me with my three cats several times. First, I started working with her when I had to make the difficult decision to put one of them down. Her consultation helped me to do what was best for my cats and also to acknowledge the beautiful time we had together. Then, I asked her to connect with my other cats to help them through the change. Each time, her connection helped me to deepen my connection with my cats, to understand them better and to make better choices for them. One of them is two-legged and very anxious, and I find it sometimes challenging to find the right balance between allowing him to live his life for the fullest and to keep him and his two legs safe. I now feel more confident about my relationships with my cats and that they get what they need. I am very grateful for Tricia’s consultation, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.” ​

– Natalie

Thank you so much for connecting with me Tricia! Our session gave me so many things to reflect upon. I am so grateful that you were able to connect with my dad and his precious words he wanted to share with my siblings and me. It truly warmed my heart. You were also able to shine a light on things that are deep inside of me and need to come out in order to accept and live in my greatness. There was so much that we covered and you gave me some great tools to use. I can’t thank you enough. You are a beautiful soul and I feel blessed that we were able to spend some time connecting!

– Kayla U.

“I had an animal communication session today with Tricia Carr and she is amazing! Tricia is the most incredible animal communicator I have been to and I have been to several! Her guidance is so incredible and the information she receives is incredibly detailed, specific, and accurate. Not only did she look at current issues going on with the animals she was communicating with but was able to share their deeper desires, life missions, and even past lives! It was incredibly helpful and also really fascinating. Tricia gets 5 stars and is worth every penny. If you have animals that have issues or you just want to check in with your animals and see what they think, was is going on with them, etc. definitely to go Tricia”

– Laura

“A few years ago my best friend passed away in a pretty terrible way leaving me a damaged shell of whom I once was. I went to Tricia to try and get some closure. After we did some centering chakra/energy work she was able to describe what he looked like to me (having never met him or even asking about him), and he communicated with me through her in a way that only he would know how to do. We also communicated with my other guides and angels that I didn’t even know I had. Truly amazing experiences, every one! Thanks to Tricia I now know that my friend never went anywhere and is with me now more than he ever could be before. I was skeptical about psychics and mediums before meeting Tricia and now fully understand that energy and souls never die.” ​

– Nicholas

“I had a hair raising session with Tricia Carr today. Major goosebumps. She was so accurate with specific information regarding my pets, their space, and their relationship to myself, and each other that I couldn’t help but be in awe of her gifts. She is truly the best animal communicator around. She was easy to talk with (my pets loved talking with her as well) and she her presentation of all of the information that she gathered was easy to follow while still being informative. I now have a much deeper and meaningful bond with both of my pets and also gained clarity on a pressing situation that has been troubling me for a few weeks. ​She brightened-up my day with her natural gifts. I can’t wait to go back to her again. Thanks Tricia!”

– Michaela

“Tricia has an amazing gift! During our session, she accurately described several details about our pet, including the color of his favorite toy and his water bowl. She provided very useful insight into some troubling behavior he has. She gave us some practical tips to try to help our dog overcome his bad habit.  By far, my favorite part of the session was when she asked our dog what his ‘work’ or purpose was. I now view him in a completely different light, and it fills me with joy to think that he has a sense of purpose within our family. She has completely changed my perspective on our dog, and I feel like I know him much better now that I have heard his ‘voice’ thanks to Tricia. I highly recommend her services!” ​

– Kathryn

“Thank you, Tricia.  I feel so much more at peace after our session and [my dog] Cassie seems to have perked up knowing I’m not so distraught.”

– Nancy

“I wish you blessings in this work you do. You will help many ​humans and animals. It is a great position to be in. Thank you!”

– Babette, the Cat

“I had a wonderful experience with Tricia and her conversation/reading with my animals Boozoo (parrot) and Nalu (kitty). She made a connection with both of them, and she’s brought insight into what is going on with my parrot Boozoo. The information she shared is pretty important and will help me make changes for Boozoo’s safety. I’ve seen Tricia in person giving a mediumship reading and she’s amazing. Her love for animals is apparent and I firsthand know her to be a real deal psychic medium. It’s wonderful to know a loving, gifted animal communicator to help connect and understand animal talk.”

– Shana