January 22, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Intuitive Psychic Development Level 1 is an immersive workshop filled with interactive learning, meditation, practice, fellowship, and attunement to open or enhance your intuitive skills. This workshop is offered live online January 22, 2023, from 10am – 5pm Pacific Time.

What you’ll get:

  • live and interactive full-day course
  • six months access to replay
  • learning, meditation, attunement, Q&A, coaching, fellowship

Here is the basic outline of curriculum and activities for the day. The workshop is interactive, co-creative, and fluid with the needs of the student community.

Part 1
Your Natural Intuitive Abilities

Tricia will give an interactive lecture about intuition and what it means to be psychic/intuitive. We’ll discuss the various ways your spiritual abilities and talents are available to you and how to enhance and/or manage them. We’ll learn why some people seem to have always been psychic and others not, even though everyone is naturally psychic. And, we will discuss what it means to live a life of your dreams, centered around your natural intuitive abilities. Students are encouraged to share, ask questions, and receive intuitive insight from Tricia about their innate abilities.

Tricia will lead an attuning meditation to raise your vibration and to open, ground, and clear your energy.

10-minute break

Empathic Abilities
We will discuss what it means to be empathic, sensitive, and intuitive – the differences between these three functions, and the benefits and challenges. We will learn how to manage and take responsibility for absorbing energies. And we will look at your *Human Design chart to understand your aura’s mechanics in relationship to your empathic abilities.

*You can pull your Human Design BodyGraph for free at https://www.jovianarchive.com/, or by Googling “Human Design Chart”. You will need your accurate birth time and city. If you would like to fully participate in this portion of class, you will need to bring your chart to class and have available to reference.

Lunch Break, one hour

Part 2
Intuitive, Psychic Abilities
Tricia will lead an exercise to determine your psychic abilities, and how to begin to work with them. You’ll learn how to perform psychic reading and will observe a demonstration.

Spirit Guides
Who are they? Do you have guides? How do they help with psychic abilities? Tricia will give a grounded and in-depth lecture about guides, angels, passed loved ones, and the dimensions and realms of Spirit. We will learn how to be always and completely safe as you traverse the spiritual realms, and how exciting and rich it is to live a life in communication with your Spirit Guides. We will also discuss the difference between a psychic reading and a mediumistic reading.

Tricia will lead an attuning meditation to open or enhance your connection with your Spirit Guides.

10-minute break

Ethics of Readings, Controlling Abilities
Tricia will teach about the Universal Law of Free will and how it relates to opening and controlling your psychic abilities. You will learn more about how you connect with Spirit, how your openness (suggestibility) functions, and how to respect boundaries of humans and hold boundaries with the spirit realm.

Breakout Rooms, Fellowship and Practice!
Students will breakout into rooms to practice – yes, practice! – and to fellowship. Both of these steps (practice and fellowship) are important to developing your abilities, and most are surprised at how this is one of their favorite parts! Whatever level your development, you will be able to practice giving a reading to a fellow student. It is safe, loving, and exciting! A coach will be available to visit your breakout room if requested.

Q&A, Coaching, Vibrational Attunement
In our final section, we will spend time with your questions as Tricia answers, coaches, and guides everyone on the importance of vibrational maintenance. You will learn how to use meditation and devotional practices to heal, clear, ground, and refine your energy. These practices will create the natural unfolding of your life’s purpose. ​

What to expect:

  • After you register, check your email for access to the student portal. There you will find the link to join the live online class the day of the workshop. If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder. If you have any further issues, email: tricia@triciacarrcharm.com
  • You will have access to the class replay in your student portal for six months after the workshop. Some people take this class passively by simply watching the replay. You can, certainly, choose this option, however your full presence and participation in the live workshop will exponentially increase the benefit you receive!
  • There are no refunds after signing up. However, as stated above you can watch the replay if you miss any portion of the live workshop.

Tricia Carr is an empathic channel, master multidimensional medium, spiritual teacher, certified hypnotherapist and animal telepath.

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I just wanted to tell you that you have such a talent for explaining complex, esoteric concepts in a way that is understandable and relatable. As with the AA Michael class, there are so many “full circle” moments and continued unfoldings of the teachings, and I know there are more to come! I realized I was being tuned prior to the class after you mentioned the concept of “tuning”, and have since been noticing repeated ideas and concepts that were covered in the class….even just the next day! During the activations, I also felt strong energies I had never felt before

Ana C.

Tricia has an amazing ability to explain the most complex aspects of the universe & make it so easy to understand. I enjoyed my session with her immensely. She provided me with clear intuitive guidance & I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her. I highly recommend her services & classes.

Sinead W.

Tricia is a wonderfully talented, insightful, loving and professional intuitive coach and teacher. She is articulate and easy to speak with. I truly enjoy learning from her!

Monica L.

Tricia’s ability to commune with the universe and hold space to help you find your highest self is an absolute superpower! Her gentle, loving, and powerful aura let’s you reclaim your own power as you co-create your greatest reality shedding and releasing what no longer serves you and stepping into who you were always meant to be.

Chase O.