Animal Communication


As caring and sensitive people, we feel deeply the value of all life.Many of us know the profundity that is experienced in the human-animal bond.

Whether you are interested in the profession or would like to connect more deeply with your animal family members, having an understanding of this form of telepathy will enhance your life and your other intuitive gifts.

In this class, you will learn: 


  • Fundamentals of how Animal Communication functions
  • The general perspectives, purposes and intentions of our animal friends
  • How you can connect with animals, your own and others
  • How to conduct a professional communication session

This is an online course. You will receive in-depth modules composed of videos, worksheets, audios and other self-administered lessons. This course includes a membership to a quarterly email discussion composed of your questions. As you and other students submit questions, I will answer by emailing you an updated PDF every three months!

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