June 13, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Magick Spells: How to Craft + Cast Ritualistic Spells for Healing + Manifestation

The ritual of crafting and casting magickal spells is a beautifully healing experience. The modern day self-help version of magick spells is affirmations – also a potent practice! Magickal spells is an ancient, ancestral artform.

Magickal spell crafting requires exploration and healing of the shadow in order to partner with Spirit and Nature. It is more than mere recitation of words.

Crafting spells evokes needs and desires from the deepest realms soul. Casting spells programs the mind and body to cooperate with the higher purpose of the One Will. Thus, your will becomes one with the Will of Creation. Creation is waiting for you to make the first move in this process!

We are here to create. We are magick because we are both Spirit and Nature.

In this workshop, Tricia Carr will teach a simple formula for crafting and casting magickal spells. We will work in, what is known as, White Magick. This means that the highest good for one and all is the guiding intention. Even a spell to block negative energies can be composed from white magick. White magick is work from the inside out; healing within to align with the new, healed creation without.

Believe in the possibilities. Believe in the promises to yourself. Believe in promises to the Universe.

This workshop is taught and guided by Tricia Carr: spiritual teacher, empathic channel, multidimensional medium, certified hypnotherapist and animal telepath.

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