January 9, 2022 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Cetacean Grid Activation

Cetaceans – Dolphins and Whales – are mystical, cosmic, wise beings. Cetaceans are ascended animals with soul evolution that is beyond this plane. The ones who incarnate here are volunteers who choose to descend and help our planet.

Cetaceans are truly Incarnated Interdimensionals. They are Ultra-Elementals. Ascended Animals and Guides of Light.

The inner dimensional planes are mirrors of the higher dimensional planes, in a manner of speaking. One of the deep inner planes is called The Cetacean Grid, a.k.a. the Whale Grid.

Our Cetacean Guides have been working with Gaia since Lemuria and before. Cetaceans oversee more than this plane of Earth, indeed these Beings are Devas oversee countless Galaxies.

In this workshop, Tricia Carr will teach about and channel from the Cetacean Grid.

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