September 12, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Ascended Alchemy – Modern Merlinean Magick

In this workshop, we will dive deep into modern day, light magick wizardry and witchery.

Ancient Ascended Alchemists step forward to instruct and imbue us with the tools and tuning that will help us align to our individuated and collective calling: to raise the vibration of the human race and break it from the grip of shadow thoughtforms.

It is no coincidence that we were born at such a time as this.

The seeming suddenness of the information age was no surprise to Guardians of Light. In fact, many incarnated among us are from these councils of guardians.

When you feel the pain of this world, you simultaneously feel the call to alchemize the suffering. This workshop intends to empower those abilities of alchemy.

In honor of human history, the magick taught in this workshop will work a quantum amalgamation of ancient, present, parallel, and interdimensional magickal practices.

That is to say that this is a gathering together of all tools within each who attend this session: the tools acquired and mastered throughout all lifetimes, and the wisdom developed on this beautiful world.

The Light Council leading this learning includes ascended earthly alchemists and interdimensional intercessors, and is headed by the egregoric Merlin, the Wizard.

Tricia Carr will channel and teach the magickal messages and tools offered by this Merlinean Light Council.

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