Hypnotherapist, Desi Ivanova | The Theory of Mind + Relationship Dynamics

In this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr welcomes Hypnotherapist, Desi Ivanova. Join as your hosts discuss how hypnosis works and the theory of mind and the theory

Additionally, Desi illuminates upon a revolutionary theory of relationship dynamics: the emotional and physical types – developed by Dr. John Kappas. The “E&P” model explains how our subconscious mind dictates who we pick as romantic partners and why many of your relationship behaviors and patterns repeat themselves.

4:20 Getting into the field of hypnotherapy

10:35 Conditioning and the journey of awakening

11:41 Acting and spirituality

15:45 Understanding hypnosis and hypnotherapy

26:07 The theory of mind – conscious vs. subconscious mind

37:03 An exercise for restructuring belief systems

42:14 Tuning to a frequency and using hypnosis to bypass the critical mind

47:22 Relationship dynamics – the emotional and physical types

To identify and understand your behavior and patterns in romantic relationships, click below to take the free E&P Relationship Test:

Desi Ivanova:

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Tricia Carr:


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