Ascension, Self-love, Self-realization   Ascension Wayshower, Anna Brown

In this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr welcomes Ascension Wayshower, Anna Brown. Join as your hosts discuss ascension, self-love, self-realization other spiritual topics.

5:15 The path to awakening

7:07 What is ascension?

8:43 Ascending the physical body

12:00 Creating gratitude to shift your frequency

15:30 Developing a practice to connect to yourself

17:00 What is New Earth?

19:30 Becoming conscious

24:00 Sharing your wisdom

27:00 Paranormal activities

32:00 Using each thought as a timeline and getting real with your beliefs

38:00 Following your joy and finding the support of the universe

43:06 Using contrast as “the way”
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