Recently, a student in the program I co-taught with Crystal Anne Compton had a question that probably occurs to many who are unfamiliar to moderately familiar with psychic phenomena. It is also possible that some who are advanced and well practiced in their psychic abilities may disagree with the perspective I share. If so, I ask that you hold open your heart and know that I mean no judgment of anyone else’s protocol or experience. I speak from my own lessons and truth.

The student of our Intuitive Intensive 12-week Program, Tianna, granted permission for me to share her question and my subsequent answer.

Tianna asked:

“What do you do when you get a message for someone who didn’t ask for any? What do you do when [another student] is giving a reading [in class] and you accidentally tap in and read whoever is being read as well? Is there a way to stop tapping in to everyone or should I just go with the flow?”

I began my answer to Tianna by referring to a lesson that I gave in the program on the ethics of intuitive/psychic readings. In the lesson, I explained that it is unethical to tap into someone’s energy field to read them without their explicit permission. There are some seeming exceptions to this rule as it pertains to family members and close loved ones who may subtly, subconsciously grant permission along the energy cords that we hold with one another. However, even in the situation of that exception, there is no harm in allowing time and space for the person to evolve into explicitly and verbally requesting help. After all, open ears hear more clearly. 

Furthermore, in the lesson on the ethics of intuitive reading, I explain that there is “publically broadcasted” information that everyone projects from their aura or electromagnetic field. People who are talented in the intuitive arts will naturally or by training be more adept at picking up on this public content. 

Perceiving publically broadcasted information is distinctive from reading without someone’s permission, to tapping into his or her field. I liken the distinction to the difference between looking someone’s public profile on Facebook and hacking into the backend of their profile. You may be a talented at cracking passwords but if you have not been asked to do so, then you are in violation of privacy. 

Granted, overt action such as browsing the web is more obvious than fine psychic tuning. But with practice, we can feel the difference. The work of intuitives is in the realm of fine and subtle energy, so I believe that we can train ourselves to mind energetic boundaries as well as we mind physical ones. As within, so without.

Here is how I proceeded to answer Tianna after referring to the ethics lesson. [I cleaned up a few areas from the original Facebook comment that I made for the sake of clarity here.]

“If the information you receive is unsolicited and/or fear based, then affirmatively and dynamically praying for the person can be the healing action you are called to do. In my observation, the impact of prayer is undervalued in conventional society. It isn’t as demonstrative and dramatic like seeing dead people, but it is POWERFUL!

“My rule of thumb is to flow with the Field, which, sometimes, can feel like passivity. Wait for a verbal request. Wait to see if your help is specifically requested. 

“It is helpful (and important) to recognize that our spirit guides are always, ALWAYS, nudging us. So if the nudge of the helpers in spirit has not prompted a person to overtly request for help, then we can assume that they are (subconsciously) exercising free will to chew on the issue on their own. 

“If there is a way to use the publicly broadcasted information or anything else gathered without direct request from the other person – if you can let that inform you as to how you can offer kindness without even divulging that you have insider Intel, then that is ALWAYS the healing high road. 

“For example, let’s imagine that I pick up that the bank teller’s heart is in pain, specifically, because she had a miscarriage. Perhaps, I even hear that the child spirit is saying, ‘mommy, I’ll come back!’ I fully believe that I used my intention to tap in that deeply. Her public broadcast would tell me that she is sad. It really isn’t necessary for me to have that much detail in order to say a few kind words that can brighten her heart. Noticing something beautiful about her, something that is about her light — that may be the most appropriate and wise way to be an instrument of blessing. 

“Unfortunately, we see TV mediums be all, ‘Oh, hey stranger! I must give you a message!’ That’s good TV, but in real life, that can upstage the true work of Spirit by obsessing over the signs and wonders. 

“God can blast a big, fat, obvious miracle upon this planet at any time, but that isn’t how he/it does it. Unconditional love desires the straightest route to healing, unconditionally. 

“And yes, with intention and deeper integration of the purpose of lightworking, you will start to receive fewer unsolicited details. It is normal to be curious about newly discovered abilities and to have them on hyper-function. I remember reading all the grocery store cashiers and one particular time, I wondered, ‘Am I supposed to ask him if he wants to hear a message from Maria?’, as he handed me my receipt. 

“When we fully integrate a cause, we work in the straightest line to the positive outcome related to the cause. In the case of workers in love and Spirit, integrating the cause grants a deeper understanding of the Universal law of free will.

“Fully integrating the cause to do the work of Light means that that situation of me, in line and looking into the cashier’s field for any passed loved ones, rather looks like me feeling a subtle nudge from Spirit to pray for Maria’s man. Perhaps I could have told him a joke, silently held loving space or spoken a kindness upon him. But since I tapped in without permission, basically snooped, I had too much information. With too much information I was confused, distracted from the most effective way to partner with love. I seemed to have the options of doing nothing (as I did), or to go all Long Island Medium on his ass and hold up the crap damn line.” 

“…but the Lord was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.”

May we be unconditional love. May we be a still, small voice.


Here is one more nugget from my dear friend, Lauren Atuofermo. This is part of the advice she offered for this query:

“Just because you sense something doesn’t mean you have to react or own it. But sometimes if the person is open and there is opportunity to share and you feel the person is receptive there’s nothing wrong with it. However I do believe it unethical to pick up on a person’s vibration and give them information that is based on their lack, fear, worries, or problems. I have found it disturbing and violating when someone has picked up on things in my energy and started giving me advice about it when I didn’t ask. Especially when they’ve pointed out something I’m struggling with and focus on it instead of offering a better perspective or showing me the light perspective. Remember we still always have our human filters in place and it’s not always spirit showing us something, it can be our extraordinary ability of being able to perceive more than we have before. Spirit gives us the guidance of what we’re picking up on in love and compassion. As empathic people sometimes we tend to focus on ‘what’s wrong’ with a person and that’s the thing we’re picking up, there’s so much other good stuff we can be focused on and expand that. If we focus on the light, we can shift their vibration.”

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