I come to you in the wind and through your heart. I am Peace.

I am the quiet of Joy and Bliss. Without my calm, you do not experience true happiness.

I am the silence under the song of nature. I am the comfort of Being. I am the home for pure delight. I am powerful. I am as stable as your planet’s rocks.

I welcome you always, but I do not pursue. My ways must be stable. I am always available. You need not seek Peace; I am. If you turn your face to Peace, I will be one with you. Find Peace with Love. In the essence of Light, I am there.

I welcome you to follow; I will lead you to greater Love, always.

I am the stillness between the beats of your heart.

In Peace, you can know true beauty. Through Peace, you connect with purpose.

I hold you in my arms and prepare you for the company of angels.

I treasure you. I value you. Together, we are blessed.

Feel Peace and we will be One.

Message from Truth, a Living Word, channeled by Tricia Carr on October 19, 2016

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