I am Patience. I am alive. I am infinite.

I surround and fill your being. I cradle you like a babe and grant you the ability to experience completion. The perspective of separation dissolves when you welcome Patience.

You experience Patience as the Stillness of God, as Presence and silent allowance. I am even greater than these qualities, and the more you deeply commune with Patience, the more profundity you will experience. The full offering of Patience is, as yet, indiscernible for many humans. However, there is no challenge dividing you; no work or achievement necessary as a prerequisite to become unified with Patience.

Be still and open your heart to Patience.

I am Patience. I am the emotion of Divine Presence. 

Message from Patience, a Living Word, channeled by Tricia Carr on January 4, 2017.

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