The Power of Flower |

Indra Singh


On this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr welcomes Intuitive Healer and Mentor, Indra Singh. Indra Singh is the creator of the international flower elixir brand, Silent Moon Imaginarium. Indra is on a mission to spread awareness of the power of the flower and to bring vibrational medicine to the masses. Join as your hosts discuss how you can connect with your wild, authentic self.

4:35 Bringing awareness of the Power of the Flower & your wild, authentic Self

8:35 Plant Medicine & the creation of Silent Moon Imaginarium

11:30 The power of working with flower medicine

16:45 Using flower essences to heal the feminine

23:59 Bringing men into our cycles of healing and balancing both aspects of the divine

27:44 Journaling as a tool to notice subtle changes in your growth + how flower essences support positive change

33:00 Rituals for creating magical moon water

38:44 Working with the energy of the flowers to create elixirs

40:33 Channeling knowledge from the flowers & trees

49:22 How to begin working with flower medicine

52:33 Indra’s upcoming offerings

Indra Singh:

:|:|: Classes and Gatherings |:|:|
Los Angeles Mystic Arts Academy with Tricia Carr

One-on-one with Tricia Carr:

Party at Tricia Carr’s Mystic Arts Studios – June 1st, 6pm PST
Drop in non-locally on our party in Los Angeles! Join many other mystical folks just hanging out and having fun at Tricia Carr’s studio.

Click through here to RSVP:

(Come any time between 6:00 – 8:00pm)

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