On this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr welcomes in-studio David Gandelman: Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, and Host of the Energy Matters Podcast. Join as you hosts discuss how to master – and uncover – your spiritual abilities. David will share his masterful expertise and phenomenal experience of how to enhance your spiritual journey. Be sure to check out Energy Matters podcast!

Here are some highlights of this episode:

5:33 The journey of a seeker – Spiritual awakening at 16 & The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
7:52 Intuitive reading and soul validation
10:26 Entrepreneurship & spiritual business
12:35 The energy of not wanting to be seen – authentically sharing yourself in the world
16:00 Finding your own model for success “If you’re good at something you have an obligation to share it with the world.”
18:48 The fear of exposure as a sensitive person & being an empath
22:00 Being triggered by the pain of others
24:00 The fear of judgment “There’s nothing better than rejection. The way out is through.”
30:56 The natural ability to be intuitive: becoming psychic in a healthy way. “We’re just loving each other – psychic talents are symptoms of love.”
33:20 Alexander the Great: Eastern philosophy vs. Western philosophy
40:55 Fairies are real? Mythical creatures as guides on this plane
43:43 Channeling and getting your own information
50:27 Discovering your soul essence to bring it into the world

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