Healing + Music, Live, In-Studio | Jacob Mondry, Singer-Songwriter-Healer

Jacob Mondry is a singer-songwriter-healer in Los Angeles, CA. When he’s not performing on stage, Jacob practices the Balinese healing modality, Shiva Murti. Jacob travels annually to Bali to study this ancient healing practice in a hospital there.

Award-winning filmmaker Tommee May recently filmed a documentary (“The 6th Floor”) about Jacob and his teacher Candace Silvers learning this modality, which is currently streaming on Gaia. Jacob recently signed a sync licensing deal with Universal and Elias Music after they heard his single ”Color Me Blue.”

4:53 Shiva Murti healing modality

12:55 Healing through music

23:00 Live in-studio healing

28:24 Live recording of Jacob’s song, Standing on the Face of the Earth

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6th Floor: Expanding Possibility, Documentary on Gaia

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