On this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr broadcasts live from the Bliss Retreat at the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. The Bliss Retreat is a five day spiritual retreat hosted by The Lightworkers Lab, an online spiritual community founded by Crystal Anne Compton. Join as Tricia shares a sample of the workshop she’s teaching at the retreat and interviews attendees on their powerful experiences. Additionally, Crystal Anne Compton stops in to share her heart! 

This is a great episode to catch if:

  • You want to know more about your body’s awareness of purpose and energy.
  • You are curious about how chakra balancing works.
  • You want to know how people use quantum healing to tap into the unconscious mind.
  • You are interested in how to hold space for others by creating a powerful intention. 
  • You are curious about how sound and color can conduct energy.


Join the Lightworkers Lab: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thelightworkerslab/

Find Crystal Anne Compton: https://thelightworkerslab.com/


Find Amy Robinson:



Find Lisa Robinett:


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