We are nature. That is to say, we, humans, are nature, as I intend to address this to humans. This is one point I think we forget as we walk around in life. Perhaps it is a symptom of, what mystics call, the veil of forgetfulness. Perhaps it is a symptom of being submerged in a society that is largely tuned to separation consciousness. It is probably both and more.

Separation consciousness is unnatural. This is evident in the function of an ecosystem. If one component of the ecosystem lacks, the whole of the ecosystem lacks. It is much like the colloquialism of how a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

This is not woo-woo, feel-goody stuff. It is fact. The most stoic of skeptics cannot use sober logic to resist the truth of ecosystem function.

And so, we are nature and we are an ecosystem.

While humans tend to need a reminder of these facts, other animals and the rest of nature do not – except, of course, when they are responding to human unconsciousness.

Being as they are, a more natural expression of energy, animals and nature are tuned to the subtle energetic frequencies that serve the highest good of the ecosystem. Such tuning obliges them to support the others in the ecosystem.

Experiencing signs and messages from nature is actually quite logical. Having a pleasant emotional experience tunes us to those more subtle and natural frequencies, and so your delight makes you a better citizen of the ecosystem.

Animals and nature, by default, show us how to connect to the subtle energy of spirit, to unified consciousness. They will appear in your own energetic field in perfect timing, to raise the vibration of your feeling state and to inform your conscious mind. Messages and signs are specifically tailored to you in perfect flow and perfect synchrony. Thus is the function of ecosystem.

As Sonia Choquette succinctly and poetically states it: “Animals are open vessels for divine.”

Nature’s presence is there to support, inform and serve your highest good. Your highest good is the highest good of the ecosystem. Even if the experience is also available to many, like for example, a rainbow, the specificity for you is included in its intelligent design.

This week, I received a message from migrating Painted Lady butterflies. I am in California and as I write this in March of 2019, and we are experiencing quite a show of delight and inspiration. An unusual volume of butterflies is migrating from Mexico to Oregon. The Painted Lady butterflies seasonally make this journey, but our excessively rainy winter set the stage for an abundance of wild flowers to bloom, which in turn, welcomed the butterflies. Here is the journal of my special message from these glorious beings.

Monday, 3/11/19

Today, while sitting at a stop sign, hundreds of butterflies began to engulf my car, flying over and around, all going in one direction.

As a Spirit message, butterflies are post-transformation, freedom, ascension and light body orientation. I felt into the kaleidoscope of butterflies. I celebrated the message.

I felt gratitude for the encouragement to take flight, to be free and to explore new, creative expression. I felt Spirit encourage me to pay deeper attention, to receive another layer of messaging. It was notable how the beauties were all flying in one direct path. I looked up to find the sun, our faithful compass, to inform me of the cardinal directions. It was about 11am, so the sun sat high in the East.

Archangel Metatron is associated with the central sun, the light of Source, and is the one who supports lightworkers as we follow our soul mission. The symbol of the sun as a compass reminds us that our own soul, our own essence of Source, is a faithful compass.

The butterflies’ path of flight flowed from the sun’s position as they traveled, decidedly, from East to West.

Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, oversees the East. Archangel Gabriel, the angel of clarity, expression and creativity, oversees the West.

The butterflies demonstrated a path of transformative ascension. In the chakra system, energy ascends from the Heart Chakra to the Throat Chakra. The energy system manages our multidimensionality, fourth density energy being managed by the Heart and fifth density, by Throat.

Healing – being abundantly whole – naturally evolves to expressing who you truly are. In this alignment, all there is left to do is create.

What has Spirit shown you through animals or nature?

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