Alchemy + Spiritual Mastery | Samantha Lotus

Samantha Lotus is a lifestyle alchemist, naturopathic health practitioner, life and business coach. Join as your hosts discuss living a life of alchemy and spiritual mastery.

5:14 Tricia + Samantha’s meet-cute at Optimystic
11:35 Understanding how we heal
Deprogramming + Samantha’s healing process
28:16 The system of education + societal programming
35:24 Taking your power back as a consumer
41:00 The game of life
46:39 The benefit of listening to the body’s nutritional needs

2020 Intuitive Intensive with Tricia Carr and Crystal Anne Compton: an online, live, twelve week, immersive education and coaching program. Begins Soon!

Samantha Lotus:
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Tricia Carr:
One-on-one Multidimensional Mediumship + Intuitive Channeling Session
Your soul blueprint will reveal such aspects as your soul contracts and predominant divine directives for this life, your archangelic lineage, ascended masters who are mentoring you, nature spirits who are manifesting with you and your star being (ET) heritage. I connect with your soul blueprint and read the spiritual lineage that you bring into this journey.

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