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You are interested in expanding your personal spiritual practice. 

You are dedicated to moving closer to living in Unconditional Love and, perhaps, to being a beacon for Love on our world. 

You are interested in learning about the workings of the Universe, such as Universal Law, the energetic and astral realms and mystical and metaphysical concepts. 

You are open to energetic modalities of spiritual healing and personal development.

One-on-One Intuitive Mediumship

My sessions are a blend of mediumship and channeling, coaching, counseling, energy healing, and spiritual education. This blend is unique to you and the energy that comes through at the time of your session. You can expect healing, positive messages from Spirit and your Guides and Angels and perhaps loved ones who have passed. These sessions are one-hour in length, and can be done via Zoom video call or via phone.

I consider the work we do together to be very sacred and that by healing ourselves, we benefit the entire Universe. If you’re familiar with energy work, or have seen a psychic, medium, or healer before, you will find that I’m a bit unique in the way I work.

For our session, I open myself up as a channel to receive information and energetic adjustment from Spirit. This is why I may ask for a photo and some other details; this helps me to tune into your energy field, like tuning a radio dial.

I offer full service in any appointment you make with me. This means that all of the abilities I use and have are at your service in our appointment. Often sessions are a blend of counseling, coaching, healing, and mediumship. Sometimes, you will receive advice for self-healing techniques to continue after our time, including for animal and nature services.

Taking notes and reviewing them after our session and considering any suggested self-treatment will maximize your value and intensify the intended healing.

Packages & Pricing


The full, one hour session is thorough and serves as a healing, coaching and education session as guided by Spirit.


The shorter, 30-minute session is great for quick and divine guidance about a few particular topics.


Packages are great for coaching, development, healing, and readings.

Catalyst Package, 4 full sessions: $727
Integrative Package, 7 full sessions: $1258
Transformative Package, 10 full sessions: $1777

Complimentary Meet & Greet

Before you commit to a package option, book a complimentary meet & greet with me! This is perfect if we have not worked together yet. Let’s have a chat get to know one another. Click the “Book Now” button to book your complimentary meet & greet or any other service option.


  • Learning how to be strong and healthy as a Highly Sensitive Person and/or Empath
  • Effecting major life shifts
  • Supporting spiritual awakening
  • Expanding consciousness
  • Growing your spiritual education
  • Developing and discovering your intuitive, psychic abilities
  • Connecting with loved ones on the other side

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