New Romantic Relationship Hack | The Universal Law of Resonance

Ahhhh, the beginning of a new romantic relationship! The thrill of all of the new sensations, the new connection, the physical excitement – UM, NO THANK YOU!

I don’t know if most people love the beginning stages of a brand-new romance or not. Movies, television and storybooks seem to portray it as the ultimate desirable experience of romance – if not life, in general. Personally, I feel like the collective consciousness, the media or big brother (or the cabal?) has been trying to sell me on the belief that the honeymoon should never end. And if it does end, your life is qualitatively and palpably diminished.

If you love the beginning stages of romance, then that is awesome for you! I, on the other hand, have always DETESTED that stage! To me, this stage provokes anxiety and discomfort. Good, bad or mundane, I know that my reaction to new relationships is directly related to my hypersensitivity.

Fortunately, I have been with my husband for nearly fifteen years (six-and-a-half, wedded), and I’m and proud to say that the honeymoon is over!

If you are sensitive too, then I think you will appreciate this little hack I have discovered to ground feelings of overwhelm and anxiety in relationships of various types. I’m going to share with you how to use the Universal Law of Resonance to soothe that hypersensitivity and build self-esteem.

One of my dear friends is currently single and, in his heart and soul, he is ready to be in a committed relationship. As he embarks into the familiar frontier where every single man has gone before, he reflects upon his previous experiences of bonding anew. He wonders if his habits could be shifted or enhanced so that the courtship process could be more comfortable – perhaps even feel safer.

I advised my friend to use the Law of Resonance on those feelings of apprehension.

The Law of Resonance is a universal law, which many of you may have either casually heard or thoroughly studied. The most well-known universal law is, of course, The Law of Attraction. All of the universal laws, however many you choose to name and define, are observations of a certain characteristic of universal energy.

The Law of Resonance observes that energy of harmonious frequencies resonate with one another. The Law of Resonance actually supersedes the Law of Attraction, in that the Law of Attraction is activated by the Law of Resonance. LoA is LoR’s bitch. You heard it here, run tell!

When consciously activated, the Law of Resonance helps you to embody your total power as a creator. When running resonant energy, there is nothing that holds back the process of manifestation. Your resonance is uniquely yours, and the Universe actively supports your most genuine frequency because it is what the Universe covets.

I’ll say that again: the Universe covets the purest, most potent version of you!

Resonance is a divining energy for your life purpose.

No need to writhe in angst trying to figure out what your life purpose is. When you feel resonance – pure, holistic resonance – your higher self is in charge of everything! The Universe steps right up and answers your resonant frequency and everything unfolds – NOW!

As awesome as all of that is, here is how the Law of Resonance can help in relationships; especially new ones. This is a kind of hack, for sure – in a good way!

That feeling of wanting to hasten the connection can be maddening! To ground those feelings of admiration and attraction, remember: you are a part of the Law of Resonance. In order for you to feel those feelings of attraction, you must be offering the same frequency.

Stated more directly: the qualities that you admire in another person are reflections of the very same qualities that you possess.

When the desire for another feels overwhelming, remind yourself that you are already whole, and that the feeling of resonance is a reminder of your own quality; a quality that is asking for acknowledgement and even celebration. 

 This application of the Law of Resonance serves as a self-care exercise for personal empowerment. The process will appropriately diffuse imbalanced and superficial energies and open up space for more substantial relating to grow.

The Law of Resonance can be similarly applied to other situations, such as friendships and professional relationships.

If you are excited about a new friendship and think, “I shouldn’t come on too strongly…” Embody and own those feelings of resonance. They’re cool, are they? Well, dammit, you’re super cool too! The Law of Resonance confirms, without a doubt, that it takes one to know one!

Do you want to apply for a promotion but feel intimidated by another candidate’s talent? Or perhaps you feel nervous around your boss because you admire her confidence and success. Turn those positive observations back to yourself. Feel into your true essence and affirm that you, too, are uniquely talented and brilliant.

After all, the Universe covets you!

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