This class is for all levels of experience, beginner to advanced. Reserve your spot for a unique class that alchemizes principles of a development circle, spiritual education and practical coaching. Class is held in person in Burbank, CA and online as a video call on Zoom.

Cost: $35


Next class dates, all times are Pacific:  

Tuesday 9/24 6:00-8:30 | Channeling Archangels This week’s educational topic is CHANNELING ARCHANGELS. Tricia Carr will lead a lesson in how to channel Archangelic Energies for your own guidance and in your client sessions. **This class event is offered remotely (online) only as some studio maintentance completes.**

Sunday 10/6 2:30-5:00 | Raise your Vibration This week’s educational topic is VIBRATION. Tricia Carr will lead a lesson in raising and maintaining your vibration. This will super charge your personal manifesting powers and clarify your frequency for reading clients. 

Beginner to Advanced welcome! Reserve your spot for a unique class that alchemizes principles of a development circle, spiritual education and practical coaching. Class is held in Burbank, CA and by Zoom video call.

Cost: $35

This class is great for anyone who would like to receive education, guidance and coaching for intuitive/psychic and mediumship development. 

Welcome to all who would like to learn! Practicing reading is optional!

Tricia Carr will lead lessons and answer your questions about: 

  • Intuition 
  • Universal Laws + Manifestion 
  • Living a Magical Life 
  • Metaphysics 
  • Mysticism 
  • Intutive Development 
  • Reading/Healing Techniques 
  • Current Cosmic Energies Connecting with Nature + Spirit 
  • Or anything in the area of spirituality and metaphysics  

All levels are welcome. If you are a beginner with an open heart, you will be amazed by what you learn about your gifts. Spending time and connecting with other spiritual seekers creates radical, positive shifts in life!

If you are an advanced psychic/intuitive practitioner who wants to hone or develop specific skill such as mediumship, Akashik readings or energy reading/healing, then this class is for you too!

If you would like to pratcice your intuitive skills, then you will have the option to do practice readings, student-to-student, coached by Tricia. It is a loving, supportive, uplifting, MAGICAL experience!

Class is held as a video call on Zoom and in person in Burbank, CA Nickelodian Studios.

The cost for this two-and-a-half-hour development experience is $35. SPACE IS LIMITED!

Deepen your understanding in spiritual and energetic principles. Tricia offers an expert and grounded perspective on spiritual topics.

No matter your level, you will be able to experience growth by practicing with other students. It's fun and uplifting!

Light grows exponentially when we connect with like-hearted people! Spend time in loving company.

"The best part about this class is Tricia anchors the class in high vibration and love which allows the students to practice without fears or any judgment." 

Chris H.

“I was lucky enough to take the mediumship development class last session. It was such a cool experience and Tricia is so amazing at helping to facilitate a loving and safe environment to spread the love and practice using your intuition. I learned so much and have progressed so much with Tricias help. Cant wait to be a part of this amazing class again!!"

Amy R.

Tricia Carr is a healing artist in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing upon abilities as an animal and nature communicator, medium and energy healer, Tricia works with people and animals all over the world providing classes, mentoring and one-on-one sessions. 

Tricia holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Metaphysics and is working toward her Doctor of Divinity.

Tricia is the host of Charmed Life, a live, online TV talk show/podcast that welcomes expert guest hosts to discuss spiritual topics. Tricia is a podcaster, YouTube content creator and published writer. 

Tricia is known for her grounded, straight-forward, empathic and often humorous approach to spiritual healing. 

Space is limited to enhance service to all students! Cost: $35