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High Vibe Crystal Healing


On this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr welcomes Jolie DeMarco, a best- selling author and metaphysical expert. She’s an advocate of high vibrational living and facilitates certified workshops & retreats teaching crystal healing to promote wellness. Join as your hosts explore crystal frequencies that will rock your world from Jolie’s book, High Vibe Crystal Healing. 

3:00 Jolie’s journey with crystals & healing work

6:13 The mechanics of healing work

14:37 Connecting to archangels 

21:57 Using archangels + crystals to communicate information for healing

28:18 Using crystals for meditation

33:43 The connection to Galileo + the stars

37:11 Different crystals and their meanings 

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Jolie DeMarco:

High-Vibe Crystal Healing: Crystal Frequencies and Body Layouts That Will Rock Your World, by Jolie DeMarco

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