Ghosts, Entities, Thought-Forms & the Fourth Dimension |
Crystal Anne Compton

Crystal Anne Compton is an intuitive channel and spiritual teacher. Crystal and Tricia discuss what is going on in the thought-form reality of the 4th dimension, what happens when we die, what are ghosts and earth bounds and what is the concept of “hell” on this special episode of Charmed Life.

5:00 The intuitive intensive
9:11 Creating a daily devotional practice + changing your life
14:22 The fourth dimension
24:25 Earth bound spirits
34:00 Thought form energy + how we create
44:00 Casting out fear with love

2020 Intuitive Intensive with Tricia Carr and Crystal Anne Compton, an online, live, twelve week, immersive education and coaching program.


Crystal Anne Compton

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