January 10, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
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Holy Flames + Crystalline Elements
Tricia Carr teaches about Holy Flames and Crystalline Elements. Holy Flames and Crystalline Elements are high frequency tools experienced in the quantum, multidimensional space. They are used for healing, up-leveling, expansion, manifestation, magick, and for aligning with cosmic intelligence and wisdom. Spiritual flames and elements may be used in your personal practice and as a part of your mission to serve our planet and Universe.

The workshop will be focused on providing both education and attunement to activate in the students their own capacity to work with spiritual flames and elements. Much of this information is very recently channeled. Specifically, Crystalline Elements has never before been taught by this channel (Tricia). The Holy Flame content will be either new or advanced from any previous teaching/channeling.

This will be part one of a series, serving as the introduction and overview of Holy Flames and Crystalline Elements. The forthcoming series’ workshops will concentrate on specific flame and elemental frequencies.

The workshop format will be part prepared and part live channeled. The information delivered will be calibrated to those choosing to attend in all space-time. It is calibrated to the ascension status of this time-space pivotal point and moving forward from it.

Register for a single class or subscribe to the Mystic Arts Academy. Beginner to Intermediate levels welcome.