September 26, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Gaia Resonance

Whether you feel as though you are a starseed, an incarnate angel or fairy, or of some other origin — you are here on this beautiful planet and that means you chose Gaia as your Spiritual Mother.

Conventional life is challenging, to say the least. We are conditioned and pressured to live an artificial and asynchronous style of life.

Having a solid communion with your Mother Gaia is the antidote to the imbalance and toxicity of the societal 3D matrix!

In this workshop, we will learn how to dig deep into your relationship with Gaia and how to design a life that is driven by Gaia’s balance and joy. The key is to return to and remain in synchrony with the heartbeat of Gaia, scientifically labeled as “The Schumann Resonance”.

We will attune to the Gaia Resonance and learn practices and tools to self-attune when needed.

Synchronizing with Gaia Resonance supercharges your magnetism. When you are highly magnetic, your manifestation capacity is immense!

Joy, peace, clarity, abundance, blessing – this is your birthright. A lifestyle of beauty and balance is waiting for you. Mother Gaia is waiting to love and bless you endlessly!

This workshop is taught by Tricia Carr C.Ht; Gaia Prophet, Empathic Channel, Nature Telepath.

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